Steven L. Haddad, MD

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Board Certifications:

Orthopaedic Surgery



Hospital Affiliations:
  • Evanston Hospital - NorthShore University Health System
  • Glenbrook Hospital - NorthShore University Health System
Office Locations

IBJI - Glenview
2401 Ravine Way
Glenview, IL 60025
Ph: 847-998-5680
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My practice revolves around diagnosis and management of both simple and complex conditions affecting the foot and ankle. Patient education is pivotal to both appropriate expectations and a successful outcome, and it is my goal to ensure that every patient understands their condition to their satisfaction. I have worked diligently as a pioneer in ankle replacement technology, and thus have a strong interest in that area.  However, I also routinely perform both simple and complex hindfoot and ankle reconstruction for deformity and arthritis.  Finally, I work with both athletes and non-athletes in conservative and surgical management of sports injuries and traumatic events to the foot and ankle.

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