Insight into What’s Causing Your Hip Pain

Insight into What’s Causing Your Hip Pain

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Hip problems are commonplace, especially among active teenagers and adults. These problems can be both debilitating and extremely painful. “When hip pain starts to inhibit your lifestyle,” says sports medicine surgeon Jay Deimel, MD, “it’s time to see a specialist.”

“Hip pain can be both sore and sharp,” according to Dr. Deimel. “People who are physically active often experience a popping sensation in their hip as they move,” he explains. “This popping is typically normal, unless associated with pain.” Identifying the real source of the pain is the first step towards treating it. “Finding the source, however, can be tricky because hip problems can mask as back pain and vice-versa,” Dr. Deimel says. “That’s why the office physical exam performed by a specialist is so important to starting the treatment plan.”

Dr. Deimel uses a variety of diagnostic tools to identify the source of the problem and find the right treatment plan. For many patients, hip pain may first be treated with a comprehensive physical therapy regimen. If physical therapy isn’t sufficient, steroid injections into the joint can then help in alleviating the pain. If injections don’t resolve the issue, Dr. Deimel may recommend a specialized procedure called hip arthroscopy.

For the appropriate patient, hip arthroscopy is an excellent means of treating hip problems. During this minimally invasive procedure, a small camera is inserted into the hip joint through very small incisions. The “’scope” returns images to a video monitor, allowing the surgeon to identify the source of the pain and guide tiny surgical instruments to correct the problem.

Frequently, the hip arthroscopy procedure reveals soft tissue inflammation or damaged cartilage that can be efficiently repaired. In some arthroscopy cases, Dr. Deimel discovers that a patient has extra bone growth that is damaging soft tissue and causing pain. In those instances, he is able to remove that bone overgrowth in order to minimize future damage or wear to the hip.

“Not everyone is a candidate for hip arthroscopy,” explains Dr. Deimel, “but it can be very rewarding for the right patients.” The procedure is most commonly used to treat hip pain in patients between the ages of 16 and 55. “An important factor depends on the amount of arthritis or joint wear that a patient has developed,” says Dr. Deimel. “That’s why x-rays and MRI studies are so valuable for proper diagnosis. They allow us to see how much arthritis a patient already has and whether their anatomy is misshapen.”

“Hip arthroscopy is an excellent treatment option for the appropriate patient, especially for physically active people who are living with hip pain. We’ve treated everyone from runners and dancers to football and water polo players,” says Dr. Deimel. “Most patients are fully recovered and back to their favorite activities within four to six months.” For more information about hip arthroscopy, visit

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