Osteoarthritis Hip Pain: Symptoms and Treatment

Posted in Orthopedics on Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is also termed as ‘degenerative joint disorder’ or age related arthritis, as it develops when people age. The cartilage functions as ‘shock absorbers’ that gives a cushion effect to the end of the bones and prevents the bones from directly rubbing against each other, thereby reducing the friction within joints.

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IBJI Kicks Off Bone & Joint Health National Awareness Month

Posted in What's New, Orthopedic News, Orthopedics, Move Better Blog on Sunday, 28 September 2014

It’s an exciting time of year when we join in celebrating Bone & Joint Health National Awareness Month during the month of October - an annual global event.

Throughout the world, there are events planned by individuals and organizations, all designed to raise awareness of prevention, disease management, treatments and advances in several areas of bone and joint health. Here at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, we will take the opportunity throughout the month to highlight several key areas of bone and joint disorders affecting millions of people including arthritis, spinal health, trauma injuries, pediatric bone and joint health, and osteoporosis, among others.

Nearly half of the adult population in America is affected by musculoskeletal (bone and joint) conditions and these conditions are the most widespread cause of severe long-term pain and disability. Even with the large number of people affected, research funding for bone and joint conditions is currently less than 2% of the National Institutes of Health annual budget, according to the Bone and Joint Initiative. In addition, the aging boomer generation - which consists of people aged 45 to 64 - has seen a sharp increase in musculoskeletal disease treatment costs and lost wages, a trend that is predicted to continue for the next several decades.

Bone & Joint Health National Awareness Month is an important event that allows IBJI to help further educate and empower our patients in taking an active role in their decisions of care and treatment. Bone and joints, along with muscles and ligaments, create function and movement in the body. When they work together in a state of health, it allows for a quality of life that is active and healthy!

Look to our future posts as we take an in-depth look at key bone and joint health issues and the treatment and prevention associated with each.


Gout - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Posted in Orthopedics on Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Excruciating pain can come to patients fighting gout. Gout is a condition that occurs when uric acid accumulates in the blood and leads to inflammation in one or more joints. Pain from gout can be severe enough to wake you in the middle of the night.

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What Causes Osteomyelitis?

Posted in Orthopedics on Tuesday, 09 September 2014

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection that is normally caused by bacteria. It is seen most frequently in children and typically affects the long leg bones, the long arm, and vertebrae. The bacterial infection may enter the body through a skin cut or an infection somewhere else in the body. When diagnosed early, osteomyelitis can successfully be treated with antibiotics, however if not diagnosed in time it can lead to more serious complications.

Meniscus Tears – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Posted in Orthopedics on Thursday, 28 August 2014

One of the most common knee injuries is a torn meniscus. The meniscus is a c-shaped disc that cushions and stabilizes the bones of the knee. There are two menisci lying opposite each other on the inside and the outside of the joint. Tears can be caused by a number of issues, and are more likely as we age. Meniscus tears range from a minor, short-term inconvenience to a serious injury that requires significant recuperation and physical therapy or even surgery. 

Hip Fracture Symptoms and Recovery

Posted in Orthopedics on Tuesday, 12 August 2014

hip fracture

Hip Fracture Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery

A hip fracture is a serious injury that can affect an individual's life in a variety of ways. When a hip is broken, the fracture typically occurs near where the thighbone fits into the hip joint. This can be caused by a variety of reasons and can present with several telling symptoms. Treatment of a hip fracture is a long process that includes several intricate steps. For many, fracturing a hip can mean a significant change in lifestyle moving forward.

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Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Posted in Orthopedics on Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - back pain

When many people think of arthritis, they think of a condition that affects older patients. While it is true that many forms of arthritis affect seniors due to overuse or other long-lasting medical conditions. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) only affects children under the age of 16 that are experiencing a specific set of symptoms. Here is a closer look at the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment options for JIA.

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery -Post Surgery

Posted in Orthopedics on Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Elder holding shoulder

Shoulder replacement surgery is a type of surgery that replaces the ends of bones in the shoulder joint, either by completely removing them or capping them with artificial materials. This helps to cut down on joint pain and enable further use of the arm. There are various reasons someone might need shoulder replacement surgery. Acute injuries as the result of an accident or injury, bone diseases such as osteoarthritis are another cause. And sometimes, the bones degrade naturally.

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Chronic Lateral Foot Pain – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Posted in Orthopedics on Wednesday, 09 July 2014

Chronic Lateral Foot Pain Chicago


What is Chronic Lateral Foot Pain?

Chronic lateral foot pain is the term used to describe recurring pain that runs along the outside of the foot and along the outside of the ankle. It can present itself before, during or after activities that use this part of the foot, such as during exercise and walking.

 Symptoms of Chronic Lateral Foot Pain

There are numerous symptoms, most of which depend upon what part of the foot is causing the pain. The most common symptom is pain on the outer side of the ankle. It may remain for a moderate duration or require pain management before it goes away. Other symptoms include instability of the foot, difficulty walking, a susceptibility to ankle sprains, inability to stand properly on the foot, swelling and tenderness.

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Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Debuts New Technology That Significantly Improves Patient Experience

Posted in What's New, In the News, Orthopedic News, Orthopedics, Imaging & Diagnostics, Chicago Division on Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Vantage Titan from Toshiba

New Magnetic Resonance System is Faster, Quieter and Delivers Higher Quality Results

Chicago, IL (June 10, 2014)–Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI) has introduced the latest in magnetic resonance (MR) technology by installing the Vantage Titan from Toshiba*. This innovative system, which has just been made available at IBJI’s new Chicago facility in Logan Square, is a major improvement over traditional MR systems for patients requiring this type of sophisticated imaging. Notably, the Toshiba Vantage Titan offers:

  • Significant reductions in noise and vibration during the scanning process; noise has been identified as the most significant cause of patient discomfort during MR exams
  • A larger bore size, which gives patients a greater feeling of openness while inside the scanner

Physicians and imaging specialists using the new system report that patients are much more comfortable and are better able to keep still during imaging. This can dramatically improve the quality of the data that is obtained. Michelle Flaherty, Administrator at IBJI-Chicago, agrees: “The Vantage Titan is a dramatic step forward from traditional systems. It offers the widest bore available and is much quieter. This creates a faster and better scan experience for all patients, especially those with claustrophobia.” The larger bore size also increases the range of patient body types that can be imaged with MR and eliminates the need to sedate patients with anxiety.

The Vantage Titan technology is an important addition at IBJI-Chicago, which is the first orthopaedic specialty group in the Chicago area to offer the new platform to its patients. Its innovative noise reduction solution, known as Pianissimo™, lowers noise levels by as much as 90 percent during an exam compared to other systems. IBJI-Chicago offers a full range of on-site orthopaedic specialty care including immediate injury care, optimal imaging using x-ray and MR technologies, physical and occupational therapies, rehabilitation and workers compensation services.


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