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Career Opportunities

A large, multi-site physician practice, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute offers benefits and opportunities that aren't typically present in medical offices. We have had tremendous growth in the past five years, thanks to strong management, effective marketing strategies and high quality patient services.

In Chicago and its northern suburbs, we are the premier provider of the complete range of orthopaedic and related services. Nearly 100 specialty physicians and over 70 physical and occupational therapists skillfully deliver progressive patient care at over 25 sites. Highly qualified nurses and physicians' assistants provide a wide range of services supporting patient needs - from direct patient care to research activities. From diagnosis to rehabilitation, patients are well served at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute.

Because of our development, we frequently need positive and high-quality staff in a wide variety of areas: nursing, therapy, business office, reception, corporate office, etc. You can use your abilities to help others with medical needs and to contribute to the ongoing progress of IBJI. Innovations from our employees have continually improved the way we deliver services and the services we deliver. If you enjoy a dynamic work environment that fosters exceptional patient care, you will excel at IBJI.

Apply at IBJI

Search and view a list of available positions at IBJI, apply for a position, or simply send us your resume through our job portal.
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Benefits of Working With IBJI

Learn more about the benefits you’ll enjoy as an employee of IBJI. We offer competitive insurance plans, paid time off, holidays, life insurance and more.
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Opportunities in Rehabilitation

IBJI is proud to have multiple rehabilitation and physical therapy office throughout the greater Chicagoland area. See what positions are available and submit your resume today.
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