Experienced, Integrative Care for your Worker’s Compensation Case IBJI understands the special attention and unique needs of Worker's Compensation patients and we are committed to your recovery. It is essential for patients to play an active role in the management of Worker’s Compensation injuries to ensure both your employer’s involvement in your healthcare and the most effective treatment path possible. The Worker’s Compensation Department at IBJI is here to serve as a resource to help guide you through the entire Worker’s Compensation process. Please feel free to contact us directly for any question or concerns you may have before, during or after treatment. Contact Worker’s Compensation.   When a workplace injury occurs: Report your injury immediately Request that a First Report of Injury is submitted Obtain your company’s policy on work related injury and benefits Supply IBJI staff with the following; Employer’s work comp insurance company name & number The insurance Claim Number for your injury Date of your injury Worker’s Compensation contact at your employer Your attorney’s contact information, if you have one   Your IBJI visit(s): Bring your personal health insurance card Following your visit(s) with the physician, he/she will complete a Work Status form. It is your responsibility to give this document to your employer immediately following every visit. Contact the claim representative/adjuster who has been assigned by your employer’s insurance company following each visit. Inform your claim representative/adjuster when your treatment includes additional testing such as: MRI, CT scan, X-ray, or durable medical equipment. Attend all appointments, tests and/or therapy prescribed by your physician. This is necessary to assist in your recovery and will ensure continued coverage of benefits from your employer. For more information on Worker’s Compensation, please visit IBJI Worker’s Compensation.   Special Expertise in Industrial Rehabilitation Industrial Rehabilitation at IBJI is customized and coordinated. Physicians and therapists work closely together to transition injured workers to rehabilitation. Personalized plans address unique patient needs, and progress is monitored closely to assure optimal recovery. Industrial Rehabilitation Ashley Bunner abunner@ibji.com 847-596-7642 Visit IBJIRehab.com for more information »