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Not Sure Who To Trust For Your
Arthroscopic Procedure?

Who Better Than the Group That Performs Over 7,000 Arthroscopies Each Year

Any surgery is a scary under-taking and we know you’ve got questions. Let the experts at IBJI help you determine if arthroscopic surgery is the right step for you. Although arthroscopy is minimally invasive surgery, the risks are similar to other types of surgery. At IBJI, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best doctors and nurses to care for your every need before, during, and after arthroscopic operations. IBJI surgeons have performed thousands of orthopedic surgeries including:

Trust the Expert Orthopedic Surgeons at IBJI

Experienced physicians, friendly, personable staff, the latest technology, and a comprehensive network of services
bring thousands of patients to IBJI physicians every year. Our experience, knowledge, and attention to your care mean
you’ll get the best treatment for your body and spirit. Throughout your preparation, surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation,
dedicated health professionals work hard to ensure you can get back to enjoying life with the most comfort, mobility,
and functionality possible. IBJI has the right provider at the right location with the right services for your needs. IBJI is
the right choice for arthroscopic surgery.

Call Now to Get Expert Surgeons for Your Orthopedic Operation

Find the location nearest you or contact any office for a recommendation on the best physician for your needs. Trust the expertise of IBJI to get you through your orthopedic surgery and get back to life quickly and comfortably.