Specialty Services

Board-certified, fellowship trained specialty physicians

Our physicians offer comprehensive subspecialty care for a wide variety of orthopedic and sports medicine problems. All of our physicians are board-certified and fellowship-trained meaning each has completed many years of advanced education and training in general orthopedics and in one ore more subspecialties. Our physicians are among the premier providers in their areas of expertise, developing procedures and devices, training others, and embracing the most advanced approaches to improve care and healing for patients.
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Roger Chams, MD was fellowship trained at Southern California Orthopedic Institute in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery for complex knee and shoulder issues and sports injuries. He specializes in adult and pediatric sports medicine and performs more ACL and shoulder reconstructions than any other physician in the area.

Peter Hoepfner, MD, MBA trained in Hand/Upper Extremity Surgery at Brown University School of Medicine and specializes in all aspects of hand, elbow, shoulder and upper extremity care including both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Christ J. Pavlatos, MD, MBA is board certified and fellowship trained in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery specializing in pediatric and adult disorders of the knee and shoulder.

Burt Schell, MD is board certified and fellowship trained in spinal surgery at Rush Medical Center, Chicago. He treats all types of spine conditions and provides general adult and pediatric orthopedic care including joint replacement, arthritis care and fracture care.

Stanford Tack, MD is fellowship trained in cervical and lumbar spine surgery from Rush Medical Center, Chicago. He has specific interest in cervical disc replacement and unique expertise in cervical disc replacement in patients previously treated with cervical fusion.

Peter Thadani, MD trained in Adult Joint Reconstruction/Joint Replacement Surgery at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. He offers routine and complex joint replacement care of knee, hip, shoulder and elbow, including anterior hip replacement. He has special expertise in treating failed joint replacements using reconstructive/revision surgical techniques.

Anand Vora, MD has fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery at Johns Hopkins, Mercy Medical Center and Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore. He specializes in disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle with extensive experience in simple and complex reconstructive surgery, including ankle replacement, joint sparing and cartilage restoration techniques, minimally invasive and arthroscopic reconstructive surgery, and primary and revision forefoot surgery.

Partial and total joint replacement

Our total joint team has performed thousands of successful joint replacements for degenerative and traumatic conditions of the knee, shoulder, hip, hand, wrist, ankle and elbow. We make joint replacement as seamless as possible, coordinating everything from diagnosis to surgery to post-operative rehabilitation.
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Arthroscopic procedures transform joint repair and surgery

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that has transformed care for the knee, shoulder, elbow and other joints.
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We perform many arthroscopic procedures each year. Small incisions and fast recoveries make this procedure ideal to remove bone spurs, treat joint infection or inflammation, repair damaged cartilage and torn ligaments and tendons, and remove scar tissue. It is also used when X-ray or MRI are unable to reveal problems.

Arthroscopy involves inserting a tiny tube housing a small fiber optic video camera through a small, buttonhole-sized incision. The camera transmits images from inside the body to a video monitor. The surgeon can then repair joint damage using pencil-thin surgical instruments inserted through additional small incisions. The result is faster recovery, lower risk of infection, and successful return to your active life. 

Orthotic expertise

Braces and supports are a broad and important specialty area that can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with specific musculoskeletal conditions caused by illness, injury or congenital anomaly. Anand Vora, MD and Physician Assistant, Angi Courtney head up our orthotic program -- the goal being to increase mobility while decreasing rehabilitation time. Orthoses can be especially helpful in preventing an existing problem from getting worse.
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Many orthotic patients are seeking relief from months or even years of pain and discomfort. Older orthotic patients typically have ailments like diabetes, osteoporosis and other conditions that limit their freedom of movement. Other people often seek orthotic care for neuromuscular and spinal conditions as well as basic sports injuries. Our team provides a complete program that includes custom products, custom fitting and individualized service, all of which lead to increased functional ability. Protocols encompass pediatrics, adults, neuromuscular disease, spinal, cranial, spinal cord injury, sports, and upper and lower extremity orthotics.

Our approach begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation, and continues through recommendations, treatment, education and rehabilitation.

OrthoAccess immediate care

If you need fast, specialized attention, but don’t require a trip to the emergency room, come to IBJI OrthoAccess, you’ll be seen in significantly less time and care can be up to 80% less when compared to a trip to the ER.
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Pain management

Paul Marsiglia, DO and Demetrios Louis, MD are our associates with Innovative Pain Specialists. Both physicians are double board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, relieving acute and chronic pain with a multidisciplinary approach.
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New tissue regenerating therapy

Plasma-Rich Platelet (PRP) therapy, a new technique of biologics, or tissue engineering, is achieving positive clinical outcomes at IBJI - Libertyville. It involves an injection of concentrated platelets from patients’ own blood which contain and release growth factors that stimulate bone and soft tissue healing.
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The biologic can accelerate healing for people with severe joint, tendon and ligament damage when used in conjunction with surgery. It is also an alternative for patients who are not surgical candidates. In addition to its use in orthopedics, radiologists can also perform minimally invasive procedures using ultrasound guidance to administer PRP injections.

Some of our physicians have been using it successfully for several years:

Roger Chams, MD: "I routinely use PRP in rotator cuff (shoulder) surgeries, meniscal repairs and allograft ACL reconstructions (anterior cruciate ligament transplants in the knee). Science has shown that it may accelerate healing."

Anand Vora, MD: "We have seen tremendous results in faster recoveries with the injection of PRP."  [X] HIDE

Helping injured workers recover

Our physicians and rehabilitation teams specialize in getting injured workers back to work as quickly and safely as possible. Our work injury program is comprehensive, including diagnostics, surgical and non-surgical care, physical therapy, industrial rehabilitation and work conditioning.
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Diagnostic imaging and MRI

Our diagnostic imaging team includes the most advanced digital radiographs (X-rays) and MRI scanning along with highly trained technical staff.
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IBJI rehabilitation offers a variety of therapies to help you regain full mobility

On-site physical and occupational therapy services allows therapists and physicians a level of collaboration not offered in standalone therapy centers.
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