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Immediate Care FracturesSave Time, Money And Pain With Immediate Orthopedic Care

Bad News: Accidents Happen
Good News: The ER Isn’t Your Only Option

IBJI OrthoAccess provides faster, more affordable immediate orthopedic care than an ER.

  • Your Little Leaguer crashes into home and hurts his elbow.
  • You slip and fell at work.
  • Your weekend warrior tears a hamstring.
  • Your ankle twists on the way out the door.
  • You fall off the bike and something breaks.

For injuries that can’t wait, but don’t necessarily require a trip to the ER, IBJI OrthoAccess, our immediate care clinic, treats you faster and can cost up to 80% less than a visit to the ER.

OrthoAccess is a walk-in clinic designed to treat things like simple fractures, sprains, strains, work and sports injuries and minor auto accident injuries quickly and affordably. OrthoAccess is staffed by certified IBJI orthopedic specialists supported by advanced diagnostic technology. Many locations offer hours six days per week.

OrthoAccess Advantages

  • No appointment needed.
  • Be seen same day and in significantly less time compared to an ER visit.
  • Get great care from certified IBJI orthopedic specialists.
  • MRI diagnostics available on-site.
  • Receive treatment in an environment that’s calm, family-friendly and professional.
  • Save up to 80% compared to the cost of an ER visit.

Wait Less. Pay Less.

$1,000 vs. $225 – that’s the comparison of an average ER visit to an average OrthoAccess visit.

So bring us your aches, breaks, twists, sprains; and receive care from one of the largest and most respected groups of orthopedic specialists in Illinois.

We’ll get you moving again – quickly and affordably.

Visit Now to Get Immediate Orthopedic Care

Contact us at 844-IBJI-DOC (844-425-4362) for a recommendation on the best course of action, or come in for immediate assistance.