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Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

IBJI Offers Professional, Integrated Care

With more than 90 physicians, 20 locations throughout Chicago, expertise in every orthopedic specialty, and complete diagnostic and rehab services, IBJI offers the comprehensive, integrated care you need.

IBJI Orthopedic Services

Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

IBJI arthritis specialists know how to take away the pain and exhaustion associated with these debilitating conditions and get you back to living the life you love. Get the care you need and deserve from highly trained physicians who care about your quality of life.
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Rheumatology & Autoimmune Diseases

Rheumatology and autoimmune diseases can attack vital muscle, joint, and bone systems in your body leaving you crippled and in pain with limited mobility. Trust the bone and joint specialists at IBJI to help relieve you of your symptoms so you can live a more fulfilling life.
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Pain Management

Chronic pain from arthritis and other diseases makes even a smile hard to come by. Get real help managing and relieving chronic pain. IBJI physicians are highly trained and dedicated to helping you lead a life that’s free of the burden of chronic pain.
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Joint Surgery

When the pain of joint disease has reached its breaking point, who can you trust to reconstruct, or replace entirely the joints that are giving you trouble? How about the same physicians who perform over 7,000 joint surgeries each year?
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Orthopedic Issues & Injuries

Whether you’ve broken a bone, or have an undiagnosed ache, IBJI physicians have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to diagnose and treat any injury. Trust the orthopedic specialists to get you back to full health quickly, conveniently, and with as little long-term damage as possible.
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Orthopedic Surgery

Did you know IBJI physicians perform thousands of surgeries each year? Those patients trusted their orthopedic care to the surgery experts at IBJI. Find convenient locations, highly skilled surgeons, and friendly, thorough care with IBJI.
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OrthoAccess-Immediate Orthopedic Care

For injuries that can’t wait, but don’t necessarily require a trip to the emergency room, IBJI OrthoAccess, our immediate care clinic, treats you faster and can cost up to 80% less than a visit to the ER.
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Pediatric Orthopedic Care

Pediatric orthopedic specialists understand the delicate iSsues involved in caring for your child’s bone, joint, and muscle injuries or illnesses. They take into account the emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing of your child as well as considering long-term effects childhood injuries may have on the growth of your child.
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Sports Medicine

From professional athletes, to child sports stars, to weekend warriors, Chicago sports enthusiasts trust IBJI physicians with their sports care and injuries. Get comprehensive services like diagnostic imaging, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation all at convenient locations close to you.
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Health Performance Institute

Whether you want to achieve your peak athletic potential or improve your day-to-day wellness, the Health Performance Institute redefines how you experience orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance and will help you reach your goals.
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Your feet are integral to your overall well being and mobility. When there’s a problem with them, consult the podiatry experts at IBJI. From foot and ankle injuries to custom orthotics, you’ll get the best care to get you on your way fast.
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Diagnostic Imaging

IBJI offers several advanced MRI options for imaging including open high-field, high-field, and open low-field MRI Systems, all providing the highest quality imagining possible today while maximizing your comfort. In addition, our IBJI Osteoporosis Centers use only state-of-the-art equipment for bone density testing (DXA).
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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Our collaborative rehab approach incorporates whatever disciplines you need to restore movement. We offer a complete range of traditional and innovative rehabilitation services for every condition and individual.
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Workers' Compensation

We understand the trauma of workplace injury and specialize in restoring injured workers to full function. IBJI provides the high quality medical care and therapy injured workers need to recover as well as case management support.
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Back to Life

IBJI’s team of spine physicians, pain management specialists and physical therapists work together with a full array of advanced, non-surgical treatment options, to get those suffering from back pain "back to life".
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Concussion Management

Our team of concussion management experts is made up of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Athletic Trainers, and Physical and Vestibular Therapists. They use a collaborative approach and they are dedicated to ensuring our patients return to activities safely.
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Let Us Help You Move Better

We’re committed to helping you move better so you can live better. Find the physician or location you like using our search tools, or let us help you find the right specialist for your unique situation. We’re happy to answer any questions and help get you on the path to moving better.
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