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Back To Life Clinic: Struggling with Never-Ending Back and Neck Pain?

Find Fast Relief with the Back and Neck Pain Experts at IBJI

Specialized physicians, personable staff, the latest technology and a comprehensive network of services bring thousands of patients to IBJI physicians every year. Our experience, knowledge and attention to your care mean you’ll get the best treatment for your body and spirit. Throughout your evaluation, treatment, surgery, recovery or rehabilitation, dedicated orthopedic professionals work collaboratively to ensure you get back to the life you love with the most comfort, mobility and functionality possible. The IBJI Back to Life Clinic offers same-day appointments and fast relief from back and neck pain.

Trust the Expert Healthcare Professionals at IBJI

IBJI’s team of spine physicians, pain management specialists and physical therapists work together to help those suffering from back pain get “back to life” with a full array of advanced, non-surgical treatment options. From diagnosis to treatment, IBJI offers high quality immediate care for every type of neck and spinal condition. And should patients need further care, IBJI will create a personalized treatment plan, coordinating all services. 

Why not seek care from people that you know are highly qualified and can offer the full range of services?


IBJI offers everything needed to feel better, all in one place.

•    Board-certified orthopedic physicians specializing in adult and pediatric neck and spine conditions
•    X-ray and MRI services
•    Board-certified Pain Management Specialists
•    Physical Therapy , Massage and Acupuncture


Find the Office Nearest You

  • Glenview
    2401 Ravine Way
    Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
    Glenview, IL 60025
  • Wilmette
    521 Green Bay Road
    Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
    Wilmette, IL 60091

Call Now for Advanced, Collaborative Care for Back and Neck Pain

For an appointment, call 224.260.HOPE.  We guarantee appointments within 24 hours to help treat and alleviate back and neck pain, fast.  A Back to Life Clinic visit also costs up to 80% less than an ER visit.  IBJI offers an entire team of musculoskeletal specialists, from spine and neck orthopedic physicians to physical therapists and pain management specialists, working collaboratively to provide fast, “back to life” relief.