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Regain Your Independence

Occupational Therapy Improves Upper Extremity Function for Home, Work and School Tasks

Occupational therapy prepares you for the simple and more complex tasks you need to perform each day – from grooming, dressing and cooking to work skills specific to your job. OT is an important part of your recovery to full function and independence after an injury, surgery or debilitating condition. Our team works closely with you to get you back to your life, moving and feeling well.

Occupational therapy services may include:

  • Custom orthotic fabrication
  • Wound care and scar management
  • Training in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and recommendations for adaptive equipment
  • Therapeutic activities and exercises to increase strength and mobility
  • Instruction in home exercise program
  • Concussion Management

Your therapist works with you (and a family member if you wish) to determine your goals and challenges, then develops a customized plan that helps you achieve them. Upon completion of therapy, a discharge evaluation ensures goals continue to be met and is an opportunity to develop a plan as you continue your therapy independently at home.

Throughout your therapy, the IBJI rehab team works hard to ensure you can return to life with the most comfort, mobility, and functionality possible

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