Health Performance Institute treats injured patients’ bodies, minds, souls

By Wendy Altschuler, Sun-Times Media as seen in Downtown Highland Park
August 2014

When it comes to your health, fitness and well-being you deserve the best: the best resources, the best facilities, the best experts.

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute’s Health Performance Institute (HPI) is, in a word, best. Located in Highland Park, HPI offers new fangled integrated care through orthopedic rehabilitation, personalized sports performance and diverse programs, seminars, workshops and lectures that are designed to help you reach your objectives.

“HPI was designed to provide patients and athletes of any sport or activity level with a venue that is suitable for world-class athletes,” said Matt Repa ATC, CES, head athletic trainer, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute. “Filled with state-of-the-art technology and current treatment protocols, HPI supplements traditional orthopedic care through a collaborative approach.”

The success of HPI is largely dependent on its skilled, professional and amiable specialists.

Read more about HPI and how the HPI team helped patient Connor Mooney recover and build strength after his knee injury.