Overcoming Arthritis Pain With Exercise

Arthritis and exercise are commonly thought to be mutually exclusive. In reality exercise is an important part of treating the pain, stiffness and overall fatigue from dealing with arthritis. In addition to medication and traditional arthritis treatments a comprehensive and customized regimen designed by a medical professional can make it easier for you to deal with the mental stresses of daily arthritis pain. Before beginning any exercise routine it is important to consult with an orthopedic physician. Your physician will ensure that you are physically fit enough to take part in activities without causing further injury or pain.

The Incredible Benefits of Exercising With Arthritis

Exercise provides health benefits to anyone who starts an on-going program.  Increasing your heart rate can do many things like improving your cardio vascular system, reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing your metabolism, giving you more energy, and improving your psychological health. For arthritis patients, exercise can potentially provide even more improvement than it does for people without arthritis.  In most patients many of the benefits of exercise act synergistically with it’s other benefits to cause a seemingly exponential increase in pain relief and mobility. The potential benefits of exercise for arthritis patients include:

  • Diminished inflammation through a decrease in the amount of inflammation causing chemicals present in your body
  • A decrease in the resistance of insulin used by cells in your body, which typically helps reduce your inflammation even further
  • Weight loss through an increase in your metabolism and decrease in insulin resistance. When coupled with diet changes this can also decrease inflammation
  • Your heart’s health can be improved greatly due to decrease inflammation in the arteries which lowers your blood pressure
  • The increase in blood flow usually causes an anti-inflammatory response in your arteries and veins as well as throughout your entire body
  • The decrease in inflammation causing chemicals can actually improve functioning that normally declines as you get older
  • The muscles around your joints will get stronger, making movement easier and less painful
  • Bone density is maintained through exercise and sometimes even improved
  • The motions involved with exercise will help maintain your range of motion or even improve it to almost normal level by keeping the cartilage, tendons, and ligaments strong and healthy
  • Chemicals are released that improve your mental state and the reduction in pain and the increase in motion can help your psychological well-being. This makes it more likely that you will stay active
  • Lastly, and possibly most important, exercise will cause you to have more energy through the day but also make you sleep deeper and more soundly.

Customized Arthritis Exercise Programs

To get started with a new workout routine, first visit an orthopedic arthritis specialist and physical therapist. At IBJI you can find both under one roof, making the workout plan the easiest part of beginning a new exercise regimen. Make an appointment now at one of our locations conveniently located throughout the Chicagoland area, and start achieving your goal of overcoming arthritis pain and living a more active and stress free life with arthritis today!

This information is not intended to provide advise or treatment for a specific situation. Consult your physician and medical team for information and treatment plans on your specific condition(s).