If you’ve been diagnosed with a knee injury, like a torn ACL, and you’re preparing to undergo surgery.  Your physician may have recommended doing pre-surgery exercises. These exercises help strengthen the surrounding leg muscle, increase range of motion and flexibility. Sometimes a good routine will help reduce the time needed in rehabilitation. In most cases the stronger you can make your muscles before surgery the better your recovery.

Here are some exercises that may help strengthen your legs, but make sure you discuss any exercise routine with your doctor before you begin.

Straight Leg Raises

The straight leg raise is a great exercise that strengthens the muscle of the hip. It’s also an exercise that’s done after surgery.

Sitting with your legs straight out in front of you, bend one of your knees to a 90-degree angle and raise the other knee slowly about six inches off the floor.  Hold for about 3 seconds and repeat.

Sitting Kicks

Sitting kicks are similar to straight leg raises, but instead of starting with one leg, both are bent. Sitting on the edge of your chair or bed, slowly kick out your legs.

Standing Squats

Squats are very popular exercises and strengthen both the hamstring and quadriceps. To perform properly, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your arms out to your side to assist in balance as you squat down. Slowly squat toward the floor keeping your back straight, then raise back up to your starting position.

Make sure to consult your physician before starting any new routine and prior to any exercise make sure to stretch and warm the muscles.  If you are currently having knee pain and have not consulted with a physician, contact one of our knee specialists at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute.   We have over 90 physicians at 20 locations throughout the greater Chicago area.

This information is not intended to provide advise or treatment for a specific situation. Consult your physician and medical team for information and treatment plans on your specific condition(s).