It’s an exciting time of year when we join in celebrating Bone & Joint Health National Awareness Month during the month of October – an annual global event.

Throughout the world, there are events planned by individuals and organizations, all designed to raise awareness of prevention, disease management, treatments and advances in several areas of bone and joint health. Here at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, we will take the opportunity throughout the month to highlight several key areas of bone and joint disorders affecting millions of people including arthritis, spinal health, trauma injuries, pediatric bone and joint health, and osteoporosis, among others.

Nearly half of the adult population in America is affected by musculoskeletal (bone and joint) conditions and these conditions are the most widespread cause of severe long-term pain and disability. Even with the large number of people affected, research funding for bone and joint conditions is currently less than 2% of the National Institutes of Health annual budget, according to the Bone and Joint Initiative. In addition, the aging boomer generation – which consists of people aged 45 to 64 – has seen a sharp increase in musculoskeletal disease treatment costs and lost wages, a trend that is predicted to continue for the next several decades.

Bone & Joint Health National Awareness Month is an important event that allows IBJI to help further educate and empower our patients in taking an active role in their decisions of care and treatment. Bone and joints, along with muscles and ligaments, create function and movement in the body. When they work together in a state of health, it allows for a quality of life that is active and healthy!

Look to our future posts as we take an in-depth look at key bone and joint health issues and the treatment and prevention associated with each.