Dr. Wayne Goldstein of IBJI received honorable mention at the first 10th District International Volunteer Fair. Hosted by Congressman Mark Kirk, the Fair’s purpose was to showcase those in the 10th congressional district who voluntarily contributed to improvements in other countries. Dr. Goldstein was honored as a “doctor to the doctors in Sierra Leone”. In 2006, he provided free medical care to Olabisi Claudius-Cole, an African physician who runs a clinic in one of the poorest areas of Africa. At the time, Dr. Claudius-Cole was being disabled by significant arthritis in her knees and hips. Joint replacement surgeries were, she thought, out of her financial reach. Her ability to continue to practice medicine was being threatened, and subsequently, so was the health of clinic patients who had no other options for care. Click here to view video on this website.

Not only did Dr. Goldstein perform knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries at no cost, he also was instrumental in persuading other physicians, Depuy medical device manufacturer and Rush North Shore Medical Center to waive part or all of their fees as well. Dr. Goldstein credits the musician Bono as his inspiration. The musician/philanthropist had spoken at a college graduation ceremony attended by Dr. Goldstein. Bono’s message, “We have the means, but do we have the will?”, resonated with Dr. Goldstein. When he met Dr. Claudius-Cole, he recognized it was his opportunity to improve the life of a woman whose life was dedicated to improving others’ lives.

From his webpage, Congressman Kirk said, “America is best when it advances our humanitarian ideals and work overseas. We are the most generous and outgoing givers in the world, relieving famine in North Korea, fighting AIDS in Africa and advancing human rights against some of the worst governments on the planet. To help further this work, I hosted the first 10th District International Volunteer Fair on February 16 to bring area residents together with international relief organizations.”