Lacrosse is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports nationally and internationally. Showing a growth of 41% since 2003, it has also seen an increase in the number of injuries. According to the NCAA, this physical and fast moving sport garners a 11.5 injuries per 1000 games, 40% of which are not cause by contact with other players.

Due to the fast pace of the sport and the large, 110-yard, field, 48% of the injuries include the ankle, upper leg and knee. Shoulder injuries account for an additional 10% of the injuries, largely because every player on the field is required to throw and catch while running. With these statistics it is hardly a coincidence that the Prestige Men’s Lacrosse Club in Chicago needed orthopedic help.

IBJI is incredibly happy and humbled to be partners with Prestige Lacrosse.  IBJI’s first task is to educate coaches and players on how to prevent injuries from occurring. Second, in the event of an injury, an IBJI Physician  will immediately respond , even  at their out of state tournaments. The club members also receive priority access to IBJI’s OrthoAccess walk in clinic. This all ensures that the athletes at Prestige Lacrosse will receive the very best in sports medicine care.

If your athletics organization would like to partner with IBJI please call Andy Salmen at 847-720-7007. Andy will be happy to assist you in exploring IBJI’s sports medicine and orthopedic services for sporting organizations.