From the age of 10 I have literally been playing tennis, training and working on my legs to prepare me for a lifetime of professional sports.

From running to train, minor league professional baseball to a career in professional tennis, my legs have taken a beating for close to 60 years now.

Going to work at the age of 58 after so many years, now to teach tennis I could not have been blessed with a better life. Like all of us baby boomers there comes a time when, while your mind still pushes you as if you’re still 18 years old, your body slaps you in the face with a reality check and says, “sorry Charlie, we’re not cooperating anymore!” “Uh ohhh,”  you gasp to yourself, “I was just starting to have fun…it can’t end now?!”

And then comes Dr. Jeffrey M. Goldstein riding in like a knight in shining armor on a horse called the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, founded by his father Dr. Wayne Goldstein over 30 years ago. While I was playing tennis at 10 years old, Dr. Goldstein was learning the art of repairing bones and joints of squirrels and other small animals in the backyard.

By the time he was ready for Med School he already had the training that most medical students only get during their internship.

Inside of 18 months, I’ve had my dominant arm’s 4 rotator cuffs repaired, my left hip replaced and my left knee totally replaced. As I write I am 6 months out from the surgeries and am back in the gym training as hard, if not harder and better than before. Call me the bionic man if you will, but if not for Dr. Goldstein and his fabulous nurse Jessica, I’d most likely be in a wheelchair in some nursing/rehab facility sitting in a pool of resignation!

Dr. Jeff Goldstein is not your typical white lab coat, stoic demeanor, in and out of the exam room in 5 minutes or less. Between himself and Nurse Jessica you are treated each time you see them as if you were at a family members house for Thanksgiving dinner. They both hold your hand throughout the entire process from your first consult exam through to the last post-op exam and absolutely everything in between; from random phone calls checking up on you through physical therapy and your post PT training regiment.

You literally feel like you’re being cared for as if you were a multi-million dollar superstar yet the reality is you’re just the average joe.

The reality is you’re being treated by the world’s most professional orthopedic team.

I could not imagine allowing myself to be treated by any other doctor, surgeon and nursing staff. My only disappointment is that they only specialize in orthopedics. If they only could be my PCP, my Uro, my Gastro, my Derma, my Oncol my EVERYTHING doctors!