Recently I hurt my back for the first time.  Waking up the next morning, I was in great pain, and almost unable to move.  This was also 3 days before my wife and I were taking a 3 week bicycle trip celebrating her recent retirement.  I was eventually able to get myself to the IBIJ OrthoAccess facility in Glenview.  Fantastically, they got me in within minutes, gathering my information and getting an initial set of x-rays as quickly and easily as I could imagine.  Once back in the examination room and after only a short wait, I met with Dr. Gary Shapiro, a spine specialist.  After reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Shapiro very patiently listened to the story, asked great questions and gave answers that were both practical and easily understood.  He provided me with some great rehabilitation suggestions and a prescription to help the healing.  I was significantly better over the next two days – – enough that we left on our bicycle trip.  Dr. Shapiro and the team at IBJI allowed my wife and I to take the trip we had planned for a long time, enjoying the time with confidence and pain free.  While I am not hoping for any injuries, if that ever happens to me again, I will make a bee-line again to IBJI