By the last month before a total hip replacement, in order to get up from a sitting position without a cane, I had to put my weight on my hands flat on the floor until able to pull up to standing position. Pain was a 98 out of 100. Three months, to the day, post surgery, Dr. Hill cleared me for my old exercise; I was at Zumba that night! Took about a month after that to get stamina back. Pain is now a zero out of 100. Zero.

Bear in mind, the first weeks post surgery are surprisingly painful, but the HUGE difference is every day brings improvement. Do exactly what your doctor and PT tell you to, and don’t do a single thing they tell you to not do. Practice the precautions starting a month or two pre-op, so they’ll be habit and you won’t make a mistake due to forgetting.

The pain was so bad for so long that, five months post-op, I’m still feeling joy all throughout every day at the relief of no pain. Best of luck to you!