//Margaret’s Story

Margaret’s Story

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Last March 2017 had knee replaced. For over a year I have suffered with chronic pain/ swelling of my leg & burning. I had 3 other surgeries & even a nerve block. The original surgeon never ordered a CT scan as recommended by the consulting physician he recommended. Finally March 2018 had the CT done & it was noted the cement of the device was not holding. I could actually feel the device mobile in my leg. Because I was crying daily in pain, one doctor deferred me to go to the Mayo clinic for treatment. He also missed diagnosed me as having chronic pain syndrome, even though I had told him I was assessed for that & I did NOT have it. Dr Ackerman saw my CT scan & what occurred to the device failing, took on my case & did the revision on 6/12/18. I am 90% better! Still going to therapy BUT @ least I am not crying daily w/ chronic pain. Dr. Jefferey Ackerman has very blessed hands & I am so glad he did not “dismiss me” as a emotional female. High praises Kudos to Dr. Ackerman. I also appreciate the fact that he is very much like an old time doctor, he listens to you; he himself returns calls versus a PA & he reads your emails to him. As a retired RN of 43 yrs. I can definitely appreciate all the above.