These are the words of a grateful mother for the exceptional orthopedic care received for her son Ned Bryant. Ned was severely injured in a playground accident, suffering from a broken bone, multiple fractures in his arm, vascular trauma and nerve damage. He was rushed to the hospital with his mother where he had to receive multiple surgeries and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

After a couple of days in the intensive care unit, Ned was fairly quiet and a little down, even for someone who had such a traumatic experience. Dr. Benson decided that a good way to take Ned’s mind off of his injuries would be to bring his dog Chelsea into the hospital to play with Ned. And it worked; Chelsea gave Ned something else to focus on, something positive to look forward to and aided Ned as a therapy dog.

Ned is making a strong recovery and has regained many of his lost abilities, like zipping up his jacket, playing the piano, or riding his bike. But Ned is particularly happy about one thing he can do again, holding his mom’s hand. A simple comfort that Ned’s mother is also happy to have regained. Ned has exhibited a tremendous amount of courage and has embarked on a journey that will only continue to build strength and character in his bright future.