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Patient Story: Successful Second Knee Replacement (Glenn A.)

Glenn received a successful second knee replacement surgery under the care of IBJI’s Dr. David Raab. His surgery exceeded all of his expectations, not only in the outcome of a fully functioning knee but in the entire patient medical team interaction.

Keep reading to learn more about Glenn’s successful second knee replacement surgery and the exceptional patient care he received.

knee replacement surgery
Glenn’s successful second knee replacement and exceptional care at IBJI. “Image by: Supavadee butradee/

Glenn’s Second Knee Replacement

Dr. Raab treated Glenn for his second knee replacement. Glenn says he had an exceptional experience from start to finish.

“Throughout the entire process from pre-op, surgery, and post-op recovery, I never felt that I was just another patient. Instead, I felt I was an interactive and appreciated partner of the IBJI team. Everyone I encountered was professional, sincere, cheerful, willing to listen, and took effective action and follow-up. Anytime I return for treatments, I am greeted by a welcoming family presence from everyone!”

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IBJI’s Team Approach

After his second knee replacement, Glenn attended physical therapy at IBJI’s Buffalo Grove Physical and Occupational Therapy.

“The most impressive thing was the positive attitude throughout all of the medical and physical therapy staff. Everyone I was in contact with was professional, leading to my speedy recovery. They are inspired to continuously strive to take their medical and healing performance to the next level at providing patient recovery and improvement well beyond expectations.”

Glenn appreciates the care he received during his second knee replacement surgery and recovery. He applauds Dr. Raab for his skills in leading the entire team in a way that benefits the patients’ experience and outcome.

Glenn says, “Dr. Raab, you deserve a tremendous amount of credit for your inspirational leadership in instilling this behavior throughout all entities and personnel that treat your patients.”

Additionally, Glenn highlights the outstanding care he received from the IBJI team, with a big thank you to Dr. Raab; Kelly on the surgical side; and Agnes, Lisa, Fen, Vanessa, and the interns from physical therapy.

“I am very appreciative of you assembling such a fantastic team and healing process, and equally impressed with the enduring team and family spirit which continuously creates a positive momentum to continue to reach out to generate a healing experience beyond expectations.”

Glenn was astounded by the interactions he had with IBJI’s staff members. He also gives credit to the team while working during the pandemic.

“The IBJI team is very courageous and dedicated to continuing to heal patients beyond expectations under the challenging conditions of the current pandemic,” said Glenn.

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Considering a second knee replacement surgery? IBJI’s expert team is here to help. Make an appointment today to learn more about the treatment options to get you back to feeling your best.

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