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//Steve & Evangeline’s Story

Steve & Evangeline’s Story

2018-01-15T11:50:00+00:00January 2nd, 2018|

Life was never easy especially if you have a congenital shoulder dislocation. My husband went through this multiple times. He needed surgery.

We heard about IBJI and it was a tough decision to make who is the right surgeon to choose. I personally know 4 patients who used the institution and was a terrific success. We prayed for guidance, wisdom and direction. A clear, warm feeling touched our hearts.

We chose Dr. Gregory Portland for the job. Equipped with a sea of knowlege, latest technology, an unparalleled execution of his medical equipments the surgery was an impeccable success.

Life was back to normal. The intermitent worries, exceeding pains and suffering during dislocation were gone. This was possible because of the stellar qualities, from knowledge, bedside manner, grace, humility, compassion, and dedication of Dr. Gregory Portland to his patients and profession.

We are both patients of Dr. Portland and I won’t wink an eye to choose Dr. Portland do my knee surgery in the future.

Our hearts are immensely appreciative to all things he had done for us, and indellible in our hearts as well.

Thank you so much Dr. Portland and and we wish you the best throughout your profession.