Ankle replacements give patients more viability

By Brett Dworski
As seen in Chicago Health Magazine, Fall 2015

Dan Chesman, a former ROTC Naval Officer, shattered his ankle in 1972. Though a fusion procedure was recommended, Chesman knew it would limit his mobility and decided to wait, opting to stabilize the ankle with a series of pins.

Over time and due to advanced arthritis, the pain in his ankle became unbearable and he knew he needed to take action. Chesman met with Anand Vora, MD, an IBJI foot and ankle specialist, who helped him decide that a total ankle replacement was his best option for pain relief, improving mobility and maintaining a higher level of function.

After the procedure, Chesman felt like a new man, able to do things before he left the hospital that he hadn’t been able to do in years.

This Chicago Health Magazine article explores the types of arthritis that would require ankle replacement, why it’s an improved alternative to ankle fusion and the technology behind the procedure. Read the full article.