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7 Interesting Facts About Arthritis

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Arthritis is a common form of joint disorder causing pain and stiffness. According to arthritis.org, more than 50 million adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. While arthritis is a broad description covering common disorders of the joint, most people (even those that have been diagnosed with arthritis) are unaware of the following:   1. There Are Multiple Types of Arthritis Arthritis is not a single disease as there are many different types of joint disorders with its own unique symptoms.  There are over 100 variants of rheumatic diseases and arthritis. Some of the most well known types of arthritis are: rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, systemic lupus, gout, and lyme. There are many other conditions that fall under arthritis, some with an autoimmune [...]

Athletic Trainers Stepping into New Roles

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With the arrival of spring, IBJI’s athletic training staff is gearing up for a busy season. The Chicago Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League and the Chicago Sky of the Women’s National Basketball Association have selected IBJI as their Official Athletic Training Provider. During the upcoming 2017 seasons, IBJI’s highly skilled team of certified athletic trainers will be on-site to assist both teams during all home and away games — but that’s not all they will be doing. […]

Back on Track

2017-11-22T10:04:12+00:00August 26th, 2014|IBJI in the News|

Health Performance Institute treats injured patients’ bodies, minds, souls By Wendy Altschuler, Sun-Times Media as seen in Downtown Highland Park August 2014 When it comes to your health, fitness and well-being you deserve the best: the best resources, the best facilities, the best experts. […]

Baseline Concussion Testing

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Baseline Concussion Testing Baseline testing is a measure of an athlete’s performance in various areas, which is then used for comparison during an injury evaluation. There are many different ways to approach baseline testing, with the most widely used being ImPACT.  IBJI Sports Neurology has taken the next step and now offer Neurological Pre-Participation Evaluations tailored to you or your athlete. ImPACT Baseline Testing ImPACT is a computerized test that assesses the following aspects of cognitive function: attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, response variability, non-verbal problem solving and reaction time. It also assesses concussion symptoms and severity of those symptoms. While ImPACT testing is not diagnostic, having an understanding of your child’s [...]

Complimentary Injury Screening

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Complimentary Injury Screenings Nagging pain in your lower back? Popping in your knee as you run? Not sure where to turn? Complimentary injury screenings are evaluations performed by a  Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) or Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) in our physical therapy clinic as a means to help our patients determine what is the best treatment solution for non-emergency conditions. An IBJI clinician will explain the extent of the injury and educate the patient on an appropriate treatment protocol. Please note: The services provided by the PT or ATC shall in no way be considered a substitute for the services of a physician, and will function only under the outlines set forth by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. [...]

Compression Bandaging

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Compression Bandaging The Compression Bandaging program benefits orthopedic patients with acute and sub-acute post traumatic and post-operative lower extremity edema. The physical therapists involved in the program have been trained in the application of short stretch bandages for edema reduction. This may be performed in conjunction with other physical therapy services, including incision care and therapeutic exercise. In post-operative patients, compression bandaging is beneficial in promoting incision healing, preventing wound complications and assisting with pain management, by early management of swelling. Typically compression bandaging is initiated within 1-3 days post-operative or after hospital discharge. Compression bandaging is also beneficial in non-surgical patients and pre-operatively in traumatic injuries to assist with edema management. Move better. [...]

Exercising Before Knee Surgery

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If you’ve been diagnosed with a knee injury, like a torn ACL, and you’re preparing to undergo surgery.  Your physician may have recommended doing pre-surgery exercises. These exercises help strengthen the surrounding leg muscle, increase range of motion and flexibility. Sometimes a good routine will help reduce the time needed in rehabilitation. In most cases the stronger you can make your muscles before surgery the better your recovery. […]

Industrial Rehabilitation

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Industrial Rehabilitation Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Rehabilitation Services proudly support our physicians in delivering cutting edge Industrial Rehabilitation as part of our comprehensive Physical and Occupational Therapy programs. The therapist's ability to interact with physicians on a daily basis gives us a unique advantage that is critical in Case Management, one that helps to decrease the amount of time a patient is away from work. Work Conditioning helps injured workers finalize their rehabilitation process to ensure they are capable of safely returning to work duty and not get re-injured. Our Work Conditioning clinics are located throughout the Chicagoland area and include an individualized program for each injury and job description. Work conditioning programs are [...]

Jean B’s Story

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Dr. Peter Thadani gave me back my active life! My hip discomfort began twenty years ago, and by 2017, the pain had become so severe that I had given up many many activities that I used to enjoy, especially traveling with my family and taking daily long walks with my husband. Climbing the stairs to our bedroom had become a slow and dreaded process, inactivity had caused weight gain, and my condition was affecting our family’s travel choices. I knew it was time to consider hip replacement. I made an appointment to see Dr. Thadani, an expert in “anterior approach” hip replacement surgery - a method that I heard results in a shorter hospital stay and swifter recovery. Dr. Thadani [...]

Lynn’s Story

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By the last month before a total hip replacement, in order to get up from a sitting position without a cane, I had to put my weight on my hands flat on the floor until able to pull up to standing position. Pain was a 98 out of 100. Three months, to the day, post surgery, Dr. Hill cleared me for my old exercise; I was at Zumba that night! Took about a month after that to get stamina back. Pain is now a zero out of 100. Zero. Bear in mind, the first weeks post surgery are surprisingly painful, but the HUGE difference is every day brings improvement. Do exactly what your doctor and PT tell you to, and [...]

Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy Massage Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years as an effective technique to promote the overall health of an individual. This means of rehabilitation therapy can help reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, relax the muscles, improve range of motion and increase endorphins. Massage therapy for various conditions can also stimulate weak and inactive muscle. When a patient endures an illness or injury it can be difficult for them to stay active. This form of therapy is a great, temporary, alternative to exercise for preventing negative effects on the muscles. Our IBJI massage therapists are fully certified to relieve symptoms related to your medical conditions, without risk of exacerbating your condition. Massage Therapy [...]

Mike E’s Story

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Since 2016, three sets of initials have made a great positive impact on my physical health and my mental outlook: IBJI, OHP, and HPI. While I had been moderately active in sports through college, by the time I completed some professional degrees, got married, and was working, most of my leisure time was spent eating, reading, and passively watching sports on TV. Over the years my physical condition become so poor that I could not walk easily or get out of a chair without requiring assistance and feeling pain. Although I could still work at my desk, I was burden to myself and loved ones and was depressed. In 2017, I was referred to IBJI- The Illinois Bone and Joint [...]

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy is a form of healthcare rehabilitation that focuses on physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities to eliminate necessary co-dependence throughout day-to-day life. Occupational Therapists generally specialize in care of the upper extremities such as the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. This type of therapeutic pain management commonly treats any bodily movement disrupted from a work-related injury or similar medical condition. When Should You Seek Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy rehabilitation helps improve fine and gross motor skills in both adults and children. Assistance from an IBJI occupational therapist will assist and address the motor and developmental impediments that are affecting the psychological, social and environmental factors of your daily life. The services that we [...]


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Custom Orthotics Specialists in Illinois Orthotic foot inserts are useful for many different lower body conditions. Orthotic inserts replace the lining of your shoes and are tailored to alleviate your specific foot pain. IBJI knows that no two feet are the same and that each patient requires their own unique solution. Our podiatrists and physical therapists can evaluate your needs and find the appropriate foot orthotics. When Are Custom Orthotics Necessary? If you experience pain in your feet, hips, knees, or back, orthotic inserts may be able to help. A great solution recommended by IBJI’s physicians and physical therapists, orthotic inserts can make standing for extended periods of time a painless task. Foot orthotics purchased at [...]

Pelvic Floor Therapy

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Pelvic Floor Therapy IBJI’s Pelvic Therapy service focuses on the improvement of normal overall function and pain management in the pelvic region for both men and women. Patients with any orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, congenital, or developmental conditions may also begin pelvic therapy to increase strength, flexibility and mobility. IBJI’s staff is trained in one-on-one interaction with patients to provide confidential and comprehensive rehabilitation treatments based on the newest research and techniques. Our therapists work directly with patients and physicians to establish clear treatment goals and a customized plan of care. When Should You Seek Pelvic Therapy at IBJI The most common reason for pelvic therapy treatment is to treat the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. These [...]

Performing Arts Rehabilitation

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Performing Arts Rehabilitation The performing artist is a unique individual that incorporates their voice and/or body with physical and emotional expression to convey a story. This type of athlete requires strength, stability, stamina and energy to repetitively entertain their audience therefore leading to many over use injuries. Illinois Bone and Joint Institute understands the demands of the Performing Artist by knowing: The language of dance, theatre, gymnastics, music, martial arts and skating to effectively work with the demands of each art form  The need to keep performing and the need for injury prevention The technique and terminology The specific footwear requirements The beginner to the professional and is therefore proud to offer Performing Arts Rehabilitation! Services [...]

Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Physical Therapy is a healthcare specialty that focuses on the rehabilitation of a patient through manual treatments to aid impairments and promote mobility. A physical therapist will conduct physical examinations and review your recorded medical history to accurately apply the correct pain management technique. Physical therapy can relieve pain, improve limited function and regain decreased strength resulting from an accident, accessory health condition, or orthopedic surgery. Why Should You See a Physical Therapist at IBJI IBJI wants to get you back into motion. Our physical therapists will diagnose and treat your complications with the most hands-on approach. A patient seeking therapeutic care can expect our PTs to evaluate their condition through meticulous observation of [...]

Return to Play Phase 4

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Return to Play-Phase 4 Return to Play - Phase 4 training is designed to ensure a safe return to sports with a reduced risk of re-injury. Phase 4 is an ideal program for patients who wish to continue advanced rehabilitation and injury treatment. The phase 4 program is designed for an active population that requires human performance beyond the activities for daily living. Ideal candidate for this program include post ACL injury High School and Collegiate athlete, industrial athlete, weekend warrior, and athletes looking for lower extremity conditioning. Phase 4 Program Details Patients can opt for group classes or one-on-one sessions with an IBJI specialist. Participants can also expect baseline and post-testing procedures to ensure a [...]

Sports Injury Prevention Screen

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Sports Injury Prevention Screen Prepare. Prevent. Play. The Illinois Bone and Joint Institute recognizes that the best way to treat an injury is to prevent it before it occurs! Before jumping into another sports season, make sure your body is ready for action! In our Sports Injury Prevention Screen, we perform a series of simple tests to identify your personal risk factors for a lower extremity injury. A Licensed Physical Therapist (PT), Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), or Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) will identify predispositions to injury by assessing these aspects of sports performance: Mobility and flexibility Balance Lower extremity strength Power production Core stability Dynamic control and mechanics You will have an opportunity to discuss prior [...]

Physical & Occupational Therapy

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Physical & Occupational Therapy The Illinois Bone and Joint Institute offers a full range of therapeutic services. Our rehabilitation specialists will provide you with personalized attention and assessment to determine the optimal approach to your full recovery. We offer complimentary injury screening to ensure your level of care is consistent with your conditions. Trust IBJI as your rehabilitation and therapeutic experts and contact us today to get started on your path to recovery. Physical Therapy Physical Therapy with IBJI provides comprehensive support and a highly customized treatment plan to treat all conditions. Our dedicated therapists will work closely with you to regain confidence in physical motion and promote safety awareness to prevent future injury. Occupational Therapy [...]

Video Gait Analysis

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Video Gait Analysis Whether you are looking to set a new personal record in racing or simply getting  started with a running program, IBJI Rehabilitation has Video Gait Analysis professionals to assist you in optimizing your running form to prevent injuries  while you prepare your body for the thrill of running.  In addition to the expertise of a highly trained physical therapist, IBJI also uses video analysis to make assessments of your running style.  The analysis allows our therapists to breakdown your running form and highlight your preferred patterns of movement that you rely on that determine your lower extremity biomechanics during running. The physical therapist will utilize the video analysis to prescribe exercise programs for [...]

What’s Your Training METHOD?

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Method Testing for Endurance Athletes At IBJI, we have an exercise assessment called “Method Testing”  which allows us to determine a unique metabolic fingerprint for each individual. The basis of metabolic testing is determining what is known as your “lactate threshold,” which is when your body begins to produce lactic acid during movement and exercise. […]