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Beyond Concussion

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Beyond Concussion The providers at The Sports Neurology Clinic at IBJI are experts in the evaluation and management of concussion but they also treat other neurological issues, both in athletes and non-athletes.  Below is a list of common neurological issues we treat. Effects of Brain Trauma Anxiety Depression Headaches Movement Disorders Neuropathy Peripheral Nerve Injuries or Stingers Seizure/Epilepsy Sleep Concerns Stroke Vertigo To schedule an appointment or if you have questions about a referral please call 847-682-8463 for more information. Request an appointment with an IBJI Sports Neurology provider today. Why Choose IBJI? 100+ physicians & surgeons; expertise ranging [...]

Concussion 101

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Concussion 101 A concussion happens when the brain moves within the skull A concussion is a brain injury that can happen from impact, either to the head or body, or anything that causes quick acceleration or deceleration of the head.  This could even be a slight blow that happens during a game, practice, ski run or a tumbling pass. Simply put, a concussion happens when the brain receives enough force to move it quickly inside of the skull. There does not need to be a significant amount of force of force to cause a concussion. The majority of concussions occur without a loss of consciousness It is still a common misconception that a person needs to [...]

Long-Term Brain Health

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Long-Term Brain Health As we are learning more about the effects of contact sports on brain functioning our goal is to ensure you, or your athlete, are doing well far beyond your playing days.  This means our evaluations not only focus on the immediate injury, but also towards the future.  Listed below are the steps we take to optimize overall brain health. Neurological Pre-Participation Baseline Testing In general, baseline testing is a measure of function before participation in sports.  When we are dealing with concussions, we are talking about neurological function.  While the most widely used baseline test for concussion is ImPACT, this is only one example.  ImPACT is a computer test, which measures neurological functions [...]

Post-Concussion Syndrome

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Post-Concussion Syndrome What is Post-Concussion Syndrome? Post-Concussion Syndrome is a complex of symptoms, which persists beyond the point of concussion recovery. One of the most common misunderstandings is the difference between concussion and post-concussion syndrome. Post-concussion syndrome is sometimes thought to be a “long concussion”, however that is not the case. Concussion is a short-term injury that lasts a couple days to 2 weeks, at most, and then goes away. Symptoms that continue beyond this time are most likely due to Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Post- concussion syndrome symptoms can persist for days, weeks or even years. Concussions have become a major health concern in sports, and nowadays everyone worries about what head injuries are doing to [...]

Anthony Savino, MD

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Dr. Anthony Savino is a board-certified neurologist with fellowship training in sports neurology. He specializes in the treatment of concussion, neurological disorders in athletes and maintenance of long-term brain health. Dr. Savino’s interests include management of acute concussion, autonomic dysfunction in concussion, treatment of post-concussion syndrome, and post-concussion headache. During his fellowship he collaborated on a long-term research study of head trauma in youth and high school football players. This study examined the potential sequelae of repetitive hits to the head over time through measurements of head impacts by helmet sensors and extensive brain function tests before and after each football season. He completed his residency in Neurology at Boston University Medical Center, serving as Chief Resident during his final [...]

Sports Neurology

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Sports Neurology at IBJI A Sports Neurologist is a physician who has completed four years of medical school, three-four years of neurology residency and at least one year of a sports neurology fellowship. Sports Neurologists are specifically trained in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in athletes. In addition to their level of knowledge in the exam room, they are also trained to care for athletes in their natural sporting environments.  The importance of having a sports neurologist on the sideline is rapidly climbing and The Sports Neurology Clinic at IBJI wants to lend a helping hand to the athletic community by leveling the playing field regarding player safety. To learn more, contact us today [...]

What IBJI Sports Medicine Specialists Want Parents to Know About Contact Sports and the Risk of Brain Injuries

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A recent story in the Chicago Tribune drew attention to a growing body of research suggesting that young soccer players may be at risk for brain injuries, especially concussions. IBJI’s Dr. Gregory Portland and Dr. David Garelick contacted the Tribune after this important story ran to share additional information for parents and young players. […]