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Exercises to Prevent Common Shoulder Pain and Injuries

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Common shoulder pain and injuries are frequently caused by athletic activities involving excessive repetitive overhead motion. They can be the result of constant weightlifting and everyday movement, such as hanging up curtains and scratching your back. Most shoulder injuries involve the muscles, ligaments and tendons, rather than the bones. The following are common problems associated with shoulder pain and injury: Tendon inflammation or tendon tears – This includes bursitis, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears and impingement. Instability – Instability occurs when the head of the upper arm bone is forced out of the shoulder socket. This can result from a sudden injury or from overuse. Arthritis – The most common type of arthritis in the shoulder is osteoarthritis. Fracture (broken [...]

Wellness Services

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Wellness Services at Illinois Bone and Joint Institute At IBJI physicians, nurses, staff and specialists seek to provide care that makes a lasting impression on a patient’s life. Our expert team works cooperatively with each person to create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to everyone’s needs. This approach includes providing access to beneficial treatments and services often overlooked in orthopedic care. The wellness services at IBJI help each patient go beyond the doctor’s office in their journey to recovery. IBJI has 20 locations in and around Chicago Illinois. For more information on the wellness services at IBJI contact a location near you. Massage Therapy Message therapy is proven to be extremely beneficial for those suffering from orthopedic [...]