Arthroscopic Debridement Of The Elbow


Arthroscopic debridement of the elbow is an outpatient procedure aimed to correct any outstanding issues within the elbow joint’s bones, ligaments and tendons.


The elbow will be numbed with a local anesthetic injection, as the patient will receive either general anesthesia or sedatives.

The Examination

First, the surgeon will inject fluid into the elbow to expand the joint. This will allow a clear view of the joint so the surgeon can easily maneuver around and within the elbow. He or she will then search for signs of damage with an arthroscope.

Repairing the Joint

Upon diagnosis, the surgeon will use minimally invasive arthroscopic tools to repair the joint. Loose or damaged cartilage will be removed while apparent bone spurs will be filed down to relieve pressure in the elbow joint.

End of Procedure

The incisions will be closed with stitches or staples before the elbow is bandaged post-surgery. Patients will receive pain medication and can leave the hospital following the procedure.

Minimally Invasive Elbow Surgery in Illinois

On occasion, this area of the body can cause mild to chronic elbow pain from loose structures within the joint. The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute understands the complications that may arise due to this pain and lack of mobility, which is why we’re here to help. Get rid of your nagging elbow pain with IBJI and contact an office location near you for the orthopedic assistance you need.