ACL Reconstruction with Hamstring using Arthrotex and EXLoc Devices


When the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) suffers a tear, reconstructive procedures can be accomplished with part of the hamstring tendon from the patient’s leg. This hamstring graft is also referred to as an autograft.

Graft Harvesting

A small incision will be made below the knee and portions of the hamstring’s semitendinous and gracilis tendons are separated and removed from the muscle. The strips will later be inserted into the knee and replace the damaged ACL.

Clearing the ACL

Small incisions will be made in the sides of the knee after the graft is acquired. The surgeon will insert a small camera called an arthroscope to project images of within the knee to accurately conduct the procedure. He or she will then remove the affected ACL when the knee is flexed.

Guide Pin

A pin will be diagonally inserted through the tibia into the femur. This pin will help guide the surgeon’s surgical procedure to recreate the ACL with the extracted autograft.

Creating the Tunnel

With guidance from the pin, a tunnel is drilled through the tibia and femur.

Inserting the Graft

The end strand of the graft is attached to the EZLoc implant and pulled through the drilled tunnel. The EZLoc device is opened, secured firmly against the bone surface, anchored down and creates the ACL.

Securing the Graft

The loose ends of the grafts are pulled tight and held down to the tibia with nail-bottomed washer and screw while the knee is straightened.

End of Procedure

The remaining autograft length is trimmed away during the final steps of the procedure. Upon finishing, the knee is flexed and extended to test range of motion.

ACL Reconstruction in Chicago, IL

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