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IBJI’s OrthoHealth team is dedicated to ensuring our patients have adequate resources and support to succeed in our program.

Meet Our OrthoHealth Team

Sheryl Gray
Registered Dietitian

Amy Gross
Registered Dietitian

Trishna Joshi
Registered Dietitian

Lydia Nader

Lydia Nader
Registered Dietitian

Donna Taylor
Integrative Health Coach

OrthoHealth Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that is having joint pain.  Anyone that ready for a change but is not sure where to get started. Anyone that is interested in changing the way they live and and move. Have you had therapy or a diet before but not been able to sustain the success?  The OrthoHealth program is designed to work on many of the factors that contribute to pain and do so in a coordinated way. The pillars of the program (Movement, Nutrition, Stress Management and Sleep Hygiene) are factors that we can learn to manage to improve health.  Our approach works because we address all of the components not just one element of health.

People who are ready to change and are ready to commit the time to do so.  We are making changes to sleep, diet, and stress. These are big parts of our life that we all deal with on a daily basis and they are not easy to change.   But in working with the OrthoHealth staff we will learn one day at a time to make the changes that we need to make to have success. The people that give themselves the time necessary will and have done well.

When you come for the Initial Evaluation you will meet with he Physical Therapist who will Evaluate you and work to address any issues that you have in your joints or tissues.  We will assess how your move and work to design a plan that lets you exercise with as little pain as possible. There are also a couple stars questionnaires that we use to make your progress and keep you moving forward towards your goals.  The therapist will also answer any questions that you may have about the program as you discuss how to move forward.

The insurance verifier will verify your benefits for Nutrition and at that time they will schedule you with Nutrition and Health Coaching. These appointments will be after your initial therapy evaluation. Each of these visits will be one-on-one sessions with our Nutrition and Health Coaching staff that will help lay out a plan for you that meet your needs and get you moving forward. Managing stress is just as critical as managing diet to have success with the program. All elements of the OrthoHealth program are important to have the desired effect of reducing pain and improving your health. Each person will have specific needs within theprogram and use them in different proportions to be successful in reaching their goals . You may interact with Nutrition or Health Coaching or even Therapy more or less as you move forward in the program, but they are always there for you as a resource to support you.

Benefits for the program vary for every individual’s insurance. Physical therapy is covered by most insurance and varies accordingly.  Many insurance carriers now cover Nutrition counseling as well. They are realizing that diet is an important part of preventive care in overall health. Health Coaching is not covered by most insurance so we have made this a nominal fee for $25 per visit or $75 for the three visits.  We have worked to make sure that we can keep this accessible for anyone.   There is cost associated with these items but there is real value as well.   It is an investment in your health.  In the long run it is much less expensive than more trips to the doctor or more medication.

Recent lab work if you have it so we can see where your health is now.  We can also communicate with your Primary care doctor as well with your permission to get that information.   When you are done we try to recheck your lab work to see how you have improved.

We use METHOD testing to see exactly how each individual person responds to exercise and build an individual exercise program.  METHOD testing allows us to see at what heart rate you exercise most efficiently.  Exercising too strenuously not only can cause you more pain and irritation, it can also be inefficient.   Past a certain point you are no longer burning fat as a fuel, so when you work harder you actually get poorer results.    METHOD is an important tool that allows us to further individualize your program so you get your metabolism going again and feel energized without the crash associated with some exercise programs.

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