Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Separation Repair


This corrective surgery repairs a severe separation of the AC joint in your shoulder. In order to proceed with the surgery, the ligaments that connect these bones must be torn with the clavicle shifting out of position. The surgical repair will realign your clavicle in its natural position with the scapula.


Preparation leading up to the procedure will follow the basic guidelines of the typical surgery. The patient will receive anesthesia before small incisions are created to allow the surgeon an entrance point into the body to treat the AC joint.


There are several available options for repairing a separated AC joint. One of the more common approaches includes inserting a temporary screw into the shoulder to realign and anchor down your clavicle. Next, the ligaments can then be repaired with sutured with the screw being removed during a follow-up procedure. Pins, straps, anchors, and tendon grafts are other viable techniques to utilize if the previous method does not entirely suit your needs.

End of Procedure

When the surgery is successfully completed, the shoulder will be placed in a sling. Physical therapy will start off the recovery and your surgeon will create guidelines to follow throughout the process.

AC Joint Separation Repair Near You

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