Arthroscopic Capsular Release


This minimally invasive surgery is performed to relieve frozen shoulder pain and loss of mobility in the shoulder. A radiofrequency probe is inserted into the shoulder and is used to break up the affected tissue surrounding the shoulder joint. This surgery rewards the shoulder with a newfound increase in mobility.


The shoulder area will be cleaned and sterilized as the patient is positioned in an easy accessible arrangement for the surgeon. Local anesthesia is administered to numb the injection site with the use of a sedative to relax the patient throughout the process. General anesthesia may be used upon request or severity of the condition.

Accessing the Shoulder

Two to three small incision sites will be made on the shoulder to insert an arthroscopic guiding camera and radiofrequency probe. The camera will allow the surgeon to accurately conduct and monitor his or her actions.

Freeing the Shoulder

The radiofrequency probe will be used to cut the tissue capsule after meticulous evaluation. The radiofrequency waves cauterize and cut the tissues to reduce bleeding inside of the joint.

End of Procedure

The procedure comes to a close once the incisions are sutured, stapled closed and wrapped with a bandage. Pain reliving medication is commonly administered and discharge from the hospital occurs on the same day. Physical therapy will follow the patient’s 1 to 2 weeks of downtime to help restore full range of motion.

Frozen Shoulder Relief Near You

Frozen shoulders can give patients some difficulty performing everyday activities. To prevent your condition from getting worse, contact the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute for assistance from our orthopedic shoulder specialists. Find an IBJI location near you to free yourself from shoulder pain.