Biceps Tendon Tear (at the Shoulder)


Tendons are strong bands of tissue that connect muscle to the bones in your body. In a biceps tendon tear of the shoulder, one of the tendons anchoring your biceps muscle is torn either partially or completely. You may find that you can still use your biceps muscle even if one tendon is completely torn. This is because the biceps is attached with two separate tendons, however when abnormal pain occurs you should contact a doctor immediately.


The biceps tendon can tear in a few different scenarios: if you fall and try to catch yourself or lifting something too heavy. A tear can also happen over time if you overuse the tendon and it becomes frayed and possibly significantly damaged.


When the biceps tendon tears it causes a sudden, sharp pain in your upper arm. If the tendon tears completely, you may hear a distinctive pop with your arm or shoulder feeling weak and tender. Your muscle may cramp, bulge and bruise following the injury. You may even experience trouble turning your palm face up or face down.


Treatment options for a biceps tendon tear may include rest, ice, medications and therapy. Severe tears may require surgery to repair the tendon.

Biceps Tendon Treatment in Chicago

Biceps tendon tears need to be corrected under professional supervision to restore a full range of motion and eliminate pain. If you’ve suffered from a painful biceps condition and are seeking help from an orthopedic surgeon, contact IBJI today. The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute utilizes minimally invasive reconstructive surgeries with cutting-edge technology to ensure our patients best recovery.