//Return to Play Phase 4

Return to Play Phase 4


Return to Play-Phase 4

Return to Play – Phase 4 training is designed to ensure a safe return to sports with a reduced risk of re-injury. Phase 4 is an ideal program for patients who wish to continue advanced rehabilitation and injury treatment. The phase 4 program is designed for an active population that requires human performance beyond the activities for daily living.

Ideal candidate for this program include post ACL injury High School and Collegiate athlete, industrial athlete, weekend warrior, and athletes looking for lower extremity conditioning.

Phase 4 Program Details

Patients can opt for group classes or one-on-one sessions with an IBJI specialist. Participants can also expect baseline and post-testing procedures to ensure a safe return to their sport. This training opportunity is a great accessory to your rehabilitation measures; however, it should be noted that it is not a viable replacement or alternative for physical therapy

A participant of the Phase 4 Training Program will focus on the following conditioning activities:

  • Strength
  • Explosiveness
  • Deceleration
  • Change of Direction
  • Power
  • Reduce Risk of Re-Injury
  • Baseline and post-testing to ensure safe return to sport

Phase 4 Class Details

  • Classes 6 week sessions with a 7th week for make-ups
  • Held two times a week (see below for location specific days and times)
  • Cost per 6 week session $360.00

Highland Park classes run Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30pm

2018 Class Dates

  • December 19th  – February 1st
  • February 6th – March 22nd
  • March 27 – May 10th
  • May 15th – June 28th
  • July 3rd – August 16th
  • August 21st – October 4th
  • October 9th – November 22nd
  • November 27th – January 10th

Morton Grove classes run Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30pm

2018 Class Dates

  • November 14th – December 28th
  • January 9th – February 22nd
  • February 27th – April 12th
  • April 17th – May 31st
  • June 5th – July 19th
  • July 24th – September 6th
  • September 11th – October 25th
  • October 30tt- December 13th
  • December 17th – January 31st

Libertyville classes run Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm

2018 Class Dates

  • December 4th – January 17th
  • January 22nd- March 7th
  • March 12th – April 25th
  • April 30th – June 13th
  • June 18th – August 1st
  • August 6th – September 19th
  • September 24th – November 7th
  • November 12th – December 26th

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