Long-Term Brain Health

As we are learning more about the effects of contact sports on brain functioning our goal is to ensure you, or your athlete, are doing well far beyond your playing days.  This means our evaluations not only focus on the immediate injury, but also towards the future.  Listed below are the steps we take to optimize overall brain health.

Neurological Pre-Participation Baseline Testing

In general, baseline testing is a measure of function before participation in sports.  When we are dealing with concussions, we are talking about neurological function.  While the most widely used baseline test for concussion is ImPACT, this is only one example.  ImPACT is a computer test, which measures neurological functions including memory, attention and reaction time.  IBJI Sports Neurology  has taken pre-season testing to the next step, and we now offer personalized neurological baseline testing  in addition to ImPACT.

Addressing Underlying Neurological Issues

In concussion, the unique characteristics of an individual’s brain prior to an injury is just as important as the injury itself.  In fact, we know that athletes with a history of certain diagnoses are at risk for increased symptoms and prolonged recovery after concussion including headaches, depression and anxiety.  That is why it is important to address these issues before an injury happens.  At IBJI, we are specialized in the management of all neurological issues in athletes, not just concussion.  If you, or your athlete, are suffering from any of the issues listed below, schedule an appointment  with us.

    • Headache
    • Trouble falling or staying asleep
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Problems with attention and learning
    • Memory difficulties
    • Seizure
    • Stroke

Concussion Evaluation and Management

Our team at IBJI specializes in the evaluation and management of concussion.  It’s what we do!  Each new patient visit will include a detailed evaluation by a specialized provider in addition to a comprehensive plan to get you, or your athlete, back to normal life safely.  This may include a detailed academic plan, coordination with schools and athletic trainers and an individualized return to sport process.  Each athlete and injury is different, making it essential to have an individualized treatment plan for concussion.  When you visit us, you get the specific care and attention you deserve.

Brain-Health Monitoring

While we have learned much about concussions and exposure to contact sports, unfortunately there is still a level of uncertainty surrounding these issues.  This is why we recommend yearly neurological evaluations to monitor brain-health throughout an individual’s sport career.   This can be part of a detailed pre-season baseline evaluation  or a separate clinic visit.

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