Advocate Children’s Hospital, Spring 2014 Newsletter

Born with a short femur, Claire Jermone waited until a new technology was available to lengthen her limb in a safe and less invasive manner.

When 6 month-old Claire visited Dr. Andrea Kramer, a pediatric specialist at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, Dr. Kramer felt it would be best to monitor Claire’s growth and perform corrective surgery – but not right away. She knew there were pioneering efforts underway that would make corrective surgery easier and safer.

In 2012, this new, less invasive surgery proved to be a safe, less painful alternative to the external fixator. In December 2013, when Claire was 8 year old, Dr. Kramer performed surgery and showed Claire’s parents how to use a simple device at home to manipulate her bone three times daily. By the time the lengthening process was over, Claire’s bone had grown to fill in the gap making her legs the same size. Today, Claire is very excited that she can participate in gym class, play softball and buy any shoes she wants.

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