IBJI Glenview-Wilmette was proud to sponsor the 109th Western Amateur Championship at the North Shore Country Club this August. The Western Amateur Championship has been a western tradition for over a century and has produced some of the biggest names in professional golf, including Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

Illinois Bone and Joint-GW has for several years been an enthusiastic supporter of the Western Amateur Association. IBJI’s support of the championship has not only been limited to sponsorship, but our very own physician emeritus, Dr. Philip FitzSimons serves as a chairman to the Tournament Committee.

Several of our physicians are avid golf players and take particular interest in seeing patients with sports-related injuries. Their experience with the game, both on the field and in the clinic provides for a well-rounded diagnosis and treatment plan unique to IBJI Physicians that allows for a more individualized visit with the patient.

Dr. Greg Palutsis will often see players with knee injuries; most common among them is an injury to the ACL. Tears and ruptures of the ACL inhibit the knee’s natural movement and create a lot of pain. When seeing an ACL injury, Dr. Palutsis will recommend the most conservative treatment available to get the player back into the game as quickly as possible.

Dr. Eric Chehab is also no stranger to seeing golf injuries. Among the most common golf-related injuries is Golfer’s Elbow, medial epicondylitis. Golfer’s Elbow is an inflammatory condition of the muscles and tendons of the elbow. Pain can range from moderate to severe, and Dr. Chehab’s initial method of treatment is usually topical ant-inflammatories. For more severe Golfer’s elbow, a brace and rehab can be recommended for further treatment.

In addition to Golfer’s Elbow, the physicians, including Dr. Greg Portland, will see inflammation of the shoulders as result of overuse during play. Dr. Portland’s suggested remedy is often a four-letter word: rest.

The Physicians of Illinois Bone and Joint continue to support local teams, players and tournaments with their love for the game and their interest in helping players to be at their best. We were proud to sponsor the Western Amateur and look forward to next year’s championship and to watching the players grow.