A concussion is a brain injury which results in temporary disruption of normal brain function. This occurs

when the brain is violently rocked back and forth or twisted inside the skull as a result of a blow to the

head or body. A person does not have to lose consciousness (“be knocked-out”) to suffer a concussion.


Headache or “pressure” in head Appears dazed or stunned
Nausea or vomiting Confusion about a task
Balance problems or dizziness Forgets an instruction
Sensitivity to light and/or noise Unsure of game, score or opponent
Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy or groggy Moves clumsily
Concentration or memory problems Answers questions slower than normal
Confusion Loss of consciousness
Does not “feel right” or is “feeling down” Mood, behavior or personality changes
Cannot recall events prior to hit
Cannot recall events after hit


If there is any suspicion for concussion, your athlete should be removed from physical activity and recreational play immediately. Remember, WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT IT OUT.

IBJI Concussion Specialists:

Dr. Rhutav Parikh
(Gurnee, Lake Forest, Lindenhurst)


Kelly Trainor APN, CPNP
(Glenview, Highland Park, Logan Square, Morton Grove)


For your information, the IBJI Concussion Program is financially integrated. If you are referred to a clinician in IBJI for related services, you may request and receive a referral for these services outside or independent of IBJI.