CHICAGO, IL (September 18, 2018) With over 100 physicians covering all orthopedic specialties spread across 20 locations in the Chicago and northwest suburbs, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI) is one of the largest orthopedic group practices in the country. IBJI offers a full range of musculoskeletal care including advanced MRI imaging, pain management care, non-surgical and surgical treatment plans, rheumatology, rehabilitation, wellness and sports training. OrthoAccess walk-in clinics provide same day immediate care.

Due to the rapid growth of high deductible healthcare plans (HDHPs) and the resultant changing healthcare payer mix, IBJI realized it was time to partner with with a patient revenue cycle expert to streamline front and back office workflows and provide a more modern patient experience. After evaluating several patient revenue cycle vendor solutions, IBJI selected Health iPASS to further improve its patient revenue cycle – by promoting price transparency, enhancing patient loyalty and improving patient experience.

Health iPASS works to redefine the patient revenue cycle from appointment to payment through its innovative, multi-channel software platform that streamlines both time-of-service and residual balance patient payments. Using AI and machine learning, Health iPASS will help automate many IBJI front and back-office tasks such as sending appointment reminders, patient check-in and payment processing, verification of insurance benefits, and manual data entry of demographic and payment information. Offering informative and transparent cost estimates and convenient, flexible payment options, Health iPASS supports IBJI’s mission of building trust between patient and provider that leads to higher patient satisfaction and retention.

“High-volume practices like ours that provide several ancillary services for the convenience of our patients such as imaging, physical therapy, and of course our OrthoAccess immediate care, can really benefit by partnering with a one-stop shop revenue cycle management expert like Health iPASS. We anticipate this relationship will have a significant positive impact on the satisfaction of our staff and patients,” commented André Blom, CEO at IBJI.

According to Health iPASS Founder and CEO Rajesh Voddiraju, “We are honored to be the chosen patient revenue cycle partner for one of the largest orthopedic practices in Illinois. Our team has been working very hard at increasing our footprint and gaining the confidence of such a market mover is important for us to continue to be the best solution in the market.”

About Health iPASS

Health iPASS is redefining the patient revenue cycle by improving the patient experience from appointment to payment. Health iPASS helps providers promote price transparency, build trust, and increase their operating income by simplifying the check-in process and streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance patient payments through an innovative, multi-channel software solution. Our patient friendly system supports 850+ payers, 90+ practice management systems and is payment processor-agnostic. Many providers have realized 90-95% patient net collection rates, slashed denials by over 50%, and have significantly reduced cost and time to collect. Find out more by visiting our website.

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