To make it to the next level, strength training is a must! Click here to uncover common myths about strength training in endurance athletes. Learn how strength training can increase performance and the best types of strengthening exercises for endurance athletes.

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes: By Emily Sluis, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS Despite the advancements in our understanding of the role strength training plays in the development and performance of endurance athletes, there are still some myths about the best way to approach improving running-specific strength. Like most longstanding myths, the misunderstandings about strength training come from outdated information that has been passed down throughout the years. One common misconception amongst endurance athletes is that resistance training will cause increased weight gain, resulting in a decrease in running performance. Running - and the optimal balance of volume, intensity, and pace-specific work - will always be the primary focus of a distance runner's training program. Strength training, however, presents a different [...]

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Triathletes don’t overlook this important link to having a successful race. Click here to find out how calf strengthening can help push your performance to the next level.

Calf Strengthening for Triathletes: By John Linden, PT, DPT Calf musculature (gastrocnemius and soleus) is responsible for the majority of propulsion and support during the stance phase of the gait cycle (Source 1). Additionally, injuries to the lower limb make up the bulk of all injuries in triathletes during both preseason and competition season (Source 2). Therefore, from both a performance and injury prevention standpoint, it is important that triathletes target this muscle group in their training. In endurance athletes most injury is the result of training error. Usually, inadequate rest and training above the recommended workload lead to injury. To combat this, implementation of strength training is vital in increasing muscular capacity and training workload. The most effective method [...]

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Promoting Public Brain Health and Concussion Prevention

The Best Concussion Treatment is Brain Safety Our brains are our most valuable resource, and we should take care of them. With all of the news circulating in the media on the topic of athlete brain health, being extra conscious of how we are treating our brains is key. To ensure the best chance of living a happy and healthy life for as long as possible, we must take precaution. Brain Health for the General Public There are several ways to optimize brain health. Most of these tactics are actually very similar to how we try to stay healthy in other ways. This includes eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and avoiding substances that are toxic to our brains such as [...]

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What’s Your Training METHOD?

Method Testing for Endurance Athletes At IBJI, we have an exercise assessment called “Method Testing”  which allows us to determine a unique metabolic fingerprint for each individual. The basis of metabolic testing is determining what is known as your “lactate threshold,” which is when your body begins to produce lactic acid during movement and exercise. […]

Spine Surgeon Dr. Mark M. Mikhael Talks Pain Management With Becker’s

Recently, IBJI's Dr. Mark Mikhael participated in a question and answer session with Becker's Spine Review for it's weekly feature, Ask Spine Surgeons. Dr. Mikhael was asked about key trends in pain management he highlighted several, including an enhanced recovery after surgery program and patient "treatment agreements." Here's what Dr. Mikhael had to say about the latter: ...Patient "treatment agreements" are being used by pain management physicians, facilitating patients to enter into a mutual understanding that their treatment program will be under the direction of a particular pain management physician. This physician will control the prescribing of all types of medications related to pain management in the preop, periop and postop setting. These agreements help patients understand who to turn to for [...]

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Clavicle Fractures: Not just for Athletes

By Djuro Petkovic, MD The NFL had some unfortunate news this week when one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, broke his collarbone and will undergo surgery. I know this news will not make the Bears’ faithful lose any sleep, but in the end no one wants to see any person, let alone a high caliber athlete, get injured and lose their ability to work. […]

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