OrthoHealth Wellness and Weight Management Program

OrthoHealth Wellness and Weight Management Program

There isn’t one diet or one weight loss program that works for everyone. We respect that every person has different physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and economic needs. We recognize that overweight and obesity are disease processes and are not the result of an individual’s weaknesses or lack of willpower. We believe that overweight and obese individuals have a right to comprehensive healthcare that is safe and addresses their unique and specific needs.

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Why Should I Enroll in OrthoHealth?

Losing weight can be challenging, but if you’re ready to make a healthy change, we’re here to help. Getting started with our weight management program is easy, and our intake coordinator can answer all your questions about setting appointments and what to expect at your visit.

We treat patients with various goals. Whether you want to lose weight, minimize your risk for diabetes, heart disease or cancer, decrease your medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, need to gain weight or want to improve your athletic performance, at OrthoHealth we have the expertise and knowledge to help you reach your goal. Our mission is to help each patient learn what their body needs in order to optimize their health.

Increasing Strength, Energy, and Metabolism

Our physicians will personalize your weight management plan, taking your current fitness level and medical conditions into consideration. Our individualized plans increase your energy, strength, and metabolism to help you lose weight.

Reducing Stress

Stress can affect your well-being and make it more challenging to live a healthy, active lifestyle. The OrthoHealth team will help you reduce stress, which will, in turn, lower your cortisol levels and optimize your metabolic health.

Achieving Pain-Free Movement

The OrthoHealth physical therapy team takes a whole-body approach to wellness and weight loss. They will assess your current lifestyle and work closely with your IBJI physicians to design an individualized weight management program that focuses on helping you move better without pain.

Getting Stronger with HPI

Fitness experts from IBJI's Health Performance Institute (HPI) will partner with your medical team and OrthoHealth weight management program providers to educate you on active and efficient movement. Together, they'll design a program to help you reach your current goals. HPI offers individual in-person and virtual training and group sessions.

Upgrading Nutrition

Learning proper nutrition to fuel your body is the best obesity treatment and the key to performance and recovery. Food is the best medicine, so part of our weight management program includes learning which foods your body needs for optimal health. We'll educate you on your ideal daily intake of protein, water, vitamins, and minerals.

Improving Sleep

Sleep is a critical component of health. Together with our expert sleep partners, we can evaluate your current sleep patterns and recommend interventions to improve your sleep quality. Getting better sleep can reduce your overall stress hormones, boost energy levels, and increase metabolism.

Meet the OrthoHealth Team

The OrthoHealth wellness and weight management program is led by IBJI physicians who are also board certified obesity specialists, Dr. Inbar Kirson and Dr. Lynn Chehab. The team also includes experienced dietitians, physical therapists, and coaches, who are all here to support and guide you on your physician-assisted weight loss journey.

FAQs About OrthoHealth Wellness and Weight Management Program

Who Does Well With the OrthoHealth Program?

Because our weight management program is personalized to each patient, we can accommodate various needs and goals. OrthoHealth is ideal for anyone ready and willing to get help managing their weight and improving their health.

What Should I Expect During My Physician Appointment?

At your initial appointment, your physicians will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your medical history, listen to your concerns, and work with you to develop a strategy to meet your goals. They will evaluate your body composition and vitals, perform a sleep assessment, and do metabolic and nutrient testing.

You will also meet with a health coach, who will work with you and your medical team to develop a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

Note: We recommend bringing a copy of your lab work from a recent annual physical. We’ll set collaborative goals with your current medical providers to improve your health parameters if appropriate.

What Should I Expect During the Physical Therapy Appointment?

Physical Therapy will be provided as part of your care while you are in the clinic.  Our goal is to understand your joint and musculoskeletal history and set up a goal specific plan to optimize your overall mobility and activity level.   We will meet with you during your MD visits and continually work to adjust and progress your goals.

How Do the Nutrition and Health Coaching Appointments Work?

Nutrition and health coaching focuses on teaching you the nutrition basics and helping you apply this knowledge to your everyday food and drink choices. Our weight management program doesn't focus on any specific diet but on eating real, whole foods that will fuel your body and help you move and perform better.

Your physician and nutritionist will collaborate to design an individualized plan based on your medical and metabolic needs. With our in-network providers and referral partners, we'll work as a team to guide you in creating new healthy habits you can stick with.

How Many Sessions Will I Have With Each Practitioner?

Because of the personalized nature of our weight management program, some patients will see all of our providers, and others will work with just one or a few. You and your physician will determine which services you would benefit from throughout your program. Our goal is to create an individualized plan that enables you to live your best life.

How Much Does OrthoHealth Cost?

The benefits and costs of the OrthoHealth wellness and weight management program vary based on each person’s insurance coverage. Most providers and insurance plans provide coverage for the program. Please contact our Intake Coordinator at 847-324-3020 with any questions.

OrthoHealth is your first step toward a healthier, pain-free life.

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