Physical & Occupational Therapy

The Illinois Bone and Joint Institute offers a full range of therapeutic services. Our rehabilitation specialists will provide you with personalized attention and assessment to determine the optimal approach to your full recovery. We offer complimentary injury screening to ensure your level of care is consistent with your conditions. Trust IBJI as your rehabilitation and therapeutic experts and contact us today to get started on your path to recovery.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy with IBJI provides comprehensive support and a highly customized treatment plan to treat all conditions. Our dedicated therapists will work closely with you to regain confidence in physical motion and promote safety awareness to prevent future injury.

Occupational Therapy

IBJI’s Occupational Therapy services aim to improve upper extremity function for all of the simple and complex tasks you need to perform each day. IBJI’s rehab team will work to ensure your full recovery after any injury, surgery or debilitating condition.

Baseline Concussion Testing

As part of IBJI’s Sport Neurology Clinic, we are proud to offer baseline concussion testing at many of our Physical Therapy locations.

Complimentary Injury Screenings

IBJI Rehabilitation Services provides complimentary injury screening services all locations.

Compression Bandaging

IBJI Compression Bandaging program benefits orthopedic patients with acute and sub-acute post traumatic and post-operative lower extremity edema

Industrial Rehabilitation

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Rehabilitation Services proudly support our physicians in delivering cutting edge Industrial Rehabilitation as part of our comprehensive Physical and Occupational Therapy programs.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at IBJI provides an effective non-medicinal alternative to reducing stress and pain. This service aims to improve your physical condition by relaxing the soft tissues in the muscles, increasing range of motion and improving circulation throughout your body.  


Orthotics foot inserts are useful products to help fix many different lower body conditions. IBJI Physical Therapists work closely with IBJI Foot and Ankle physicians and podiatrists to ensure your specific orthotic needs are met.

Pelvic Therapy

IBJI’s Pelvic Therapy service focuses on the improvement of normal overall function and pain treatment around the pelvis. Patients with any orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, congenital, or developmental conditions may begin pelvic therapy to increase strength, flexibility and mobility.

Performing Arts Rehabilitation

The IBJI Performing Arts Rehabilitation program offers unique physical and psychological assistance, pre and post-injury, to ensure a total recovery and future prevention. Our expert staff is dedicated to delivering the best research-based care for all dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts, musicians, martial artists and other performers.

Return to Play – Phase 4

IBJI’s Return to Play – Phase 4  program is designed for an active population that requires human performance beyond the activities for daily living. Evidence based protocols will focus on reduce risk of re-injury, baseline and post testing to ensure safe return to sport, strength, explosiveness, deceleration, change of direction, and power.

Sports Injury Prevention Screen

IBJI’s Sports Injury Prevention Screen is intended to help athletes of all levels, prevent a sports injury before it occurs.  Our team of expert sports medicine specialists will work with you to determine your greatest risk for injury and educate on ways to train and condition with prevention in mind.

Video Gait Analysis

IBJI’s Video Gait Analysis professionals to assist you in optimizing your running form to prevent injuries  while you prepare your body for the thrill of running.

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