Move Better Summer 2022 cover


Move Better

Published quarterly, Move Better includes profiles of IBJI’s extraordinary providers, who are leading revolutionary change in bone and joint treatments, as well as bringing to life real patient stories of triumph and recovery.

In our Summer Issue

  • An EPIC Transition – MyChart — IBJI’s new electronic medical record system — offers you a user-friendly portal for easy access to all of your health information.
  • BUILDing Strength – Check out our BUILD program and see how it has helped Cathy, a 69-year-old patient who gets a great workout deadlifting!
  • Holistic Healing – Who couldn’t use a massage? Learn about IBJI’s skilled massage therapists and acupuncturists’ mind-body-spirit approach to medicine.
  • Customized Spinal Care – Get info on the personalized treatments and procedures we use to address one of life’s most common ailments: back pain.
  • Physical Therapy Tailored for You – Getting back to normal is at the top of your list following an injury, surgery, or recovery from pain and limited mobility. Here’s how we can help.

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