Move Better

Published quarterly, Move Better includes profiles of IBJI’s extraordinary providers, who are leading revolutionary change in bone and joint treatments, as well as bringing to life real patient stories of triumph and recovery.

In our Winter Issue

  • Moving Better, Living Better – Read five patients’ remarkable recoveries from knee, hip, arm, and ankle surgeries. Check out where they are now and what they’ve been able to accomplish following their procedures.
  • Your Post-holiday Reset – Get a great start to 2023 with tips from our OrthoHealth experts on nutrition, sugar intake, hydration, exercise, and mental health.
  • Are You Drinking Your Calories? – Dr. Lynn Gettleman Chehab, our metabolic health physician, talks about sugar and the chronic conditions it can cause. Find out what a healthy daily sugar budget looks like and how much sugar is hiding in today’s drinks.
  • Stay Safe in the Kitchen – Two IBJI orthopedic surgeons talk about how to safely cut an avocado and share ways to avoid other common cutting injuries in the kitchen.

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