IBJI CARES and Over the Rainbow 2023 Partnership Draws to a Close(L-R) Dr. Leon Benson, Chief Medical Officer; Rosie Nowacki, Manager, Culture and Engagement; Cathy Irwin, Director of Ancillary Services; Laurie Jensen, Marketing Manager; Alex Matthews, OTR Head of Social Services; Eric Huffman, OTR Executive Director; Vanessa Yee, PT, DPT, IBJI CARES Foundation Chairperson; Darci Grum, Director of Marketing

DES PLAINES, Ill., January 17 — Marking the culmination of a fruitful year-long partnership, the IBJI CARES Foundation celebrated its successful collaboration with Over the Rainbow, a nonprofit organization committed to providing independent living solutions for individuals with physical disabilities. This partnership, which blossomed throughout 2023, has been a beacon of hope and empowerment, raising significant funds and providing vital support to enhance the lives of those in need.

Over the Rainbow Executive Director Eric Huffman and Head of Social Services Alex Matthews recently met with IBJI staff to receive a donation of $50,000.

"This gift will be invaluable in supporting the programs that provide our residents with a high quality of life," Huffman said. "In addition to providing housing, these funds also make a range of activities possible, from art classes and music therapy to gym memberships that promote physical fitness." The partnership saw numerous initiatives, including a wheelchair wash event and fundraising activities such as the non-profit's annual 25-mile OTR Challenge bike ride that attracts more than 200 cyclists. One of the year's highlights was the support of the Kindness Tag program, which has been instrumental in providing residents with essential items like hearing aids, winter clothing, and more.

As IBJI CARES looks forward to new partnerships in 2024, the organization reflects on a year of meaningful impact and community engagement. The dedication to improving lives through compassion and action remains at the heart of their mission.


IBJI CARES, the philanthropic arm of the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, is dedicated to promoting wellness, healthy movement, and positive lifestyles both locally and globally. Through fundraising, education, and volunteer efforts, IBJI CARES strives to make a significant impact on the health and well-being of various communities. For more information, visit ibji.com/ibjicares.

About Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow Association, based in Evanston, Illinois, is a non-profit organization committed to providing independent living solutions for individuals with physical disabilities. Through a range of services and programs, they aim to empower their residents to lead fulfilling and autonomous lives. For more information, visit otrhousing.org.

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