$100,000 Raised to Benefit People with Disabilities

IBJI CARES Chairperson Vanessa Yee, PT, DPT presents the final check to Glenkirk CEO Kim Berenberg in late December 2022.

DES PLAINES, Ill., December 23, 2022—A holiday wrapping party held on December 17, 2022 marked the last event to benefit Glenkirk organization, the IBJI CARES Foundation’s 2022 Charity Partner. IBJI CARES raised $100,000 for the organization over a three-year period, and spent many hours supporting them at events to benefit individuals with disabilities who live in group home settings.

“We ‘wrapped up’ our partnership with one last volunteer event,” says Glenkirk CEO Kim Berenberg.

Under normal circumstances, the IBJI CARES Foundation selects a new charity partner each year. COVID changed those rules. In December 2019, IBJI CARES selected Glenkirk as its 2020 Charity Partner, but due to the pandemic, Glenkirk's fundraising efforts and events were limited so the partnership was extended into 2021 and then 2022 to meet the pledged amount of $100,000.

“We have enjoyed working with Glenkirk these past three years to support individuals with disabilities and are so grateful to have supported the community in this way,” says Dr. Vanessa Yee, PT, DPT, IBJI CARES Chairperson. “Although this charity partnership is ending, we look forward to staying in touch with our friends at Glenkirk."

During the pandemic, according to Berenberg, Glenkirk was challenged to keep vulnerable residents safe and cared for at home.

“That year, IBJI CARES donations funded the expansion of technology within our residential homes to provide access to telehealth, therapies, and fitness programs,” Berenberg said. “These supports became invaluable tools throughout the pandemic to keep our programs running and our participants healthy.”

The collaboration over the three year-partnership enabled Glenkirk to implement pandemic-related wellness and behavioral health initiatives and open a new group home in Northbrook to provide six individuals with disabilities opportunities to lead full lives in the community.

“Additionally, IBJI CARES funding has assisted Glenkirk in expanding our community employment program, which matches adults with disabilities with local businesses to create inclusive work opportunities,” Berenberg said.

Volunteer days have included landscaping projects to beautify homes and outdoor spaces while fundraising efforts have included raffles and two charity golf outings held at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling.


In 2023, IBJI CARES will partner with Over the Rainbow, an Evanston-based nonprofit organization benefiting persons with disabilities who desire to live independently.


The IBJI CARES Foundation is the philanthropic arm of IBJI. CARES stands for Compassionate Allied Rehabilitation Enabling Society. Formed in 2018, the nonprofit organization empowers employees and patients to promote the benefits of wellness, healthy movement, and positive lifestyles with neighbors near and far through fundraising, education, community outreach, and service opportunities. For more information, visit ibji.com/ibjicares.

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