Reserve My Spot

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, a leader in comprehensive orthopedic care, is excited to announce the launch of "Reserve My Spot", an innovative feature designed to streamline the patient experience at our OrthoAccess immediate care facilities. "Reserve My Spot" allows patients to plan their visits, ensuring a more efficient and convenient healthcare journey.

convenient healthcare journey

Patients who need immediate orthopedic care value fast treatment. The "Reserve My Spot" feature aims to make wait times more predictable and shorter. It also empowers our patients to make informed decisions, leading to streamlined care delivery and increased patient satisfaction.

Although "Reserve My Spot" is available from within MyChart, our patient portal, a MyChart account is not required. All patients can reserve their spot online directly from their desired OrthoAccess location as well.

"Reserve My Spot" not only benefits our patients but also optimizes our internal processes. With advanced insights into patient arrivals, our staff can better prepare, ensuring that resources and personnel are allocated efficiently so that we can maintain our commitment to providing top-tier medical care while minimizing your wait.

About OrthoAccess Immediate Care Clinics
IBJI's OrthoAccess clinics offer immediate care for orthopedic injuries, providing an ER alternative with shorter waits, lower costs, and treatments for fractures, sprains, and sports injuries.

About Illinois Bone & Joint Institute
Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI) is the largest independent physician-owned orthopedic practice in Illinois. IBJI is dedicated to providing accessible, compassionate, and comprehensive care to your family for every orthopedic specialty with leading-edge technology and innovative treatment options.

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