Adam C. Young, MD
Alan C. League, MD
Albert Knuth, MD
Alejandra Rodriguez-Paez, MD
Alexander E. Michalow, MD
Alexander Gordon, MD
Alexander M. Crespo, MD
Alfonso Bello, MD
Ami Kothari, MD
Amy Jo Ptaszek, MD
Anand Vora, MD
Andrea S. Kramer, MD
Andrew J. Riff, MD
Angela R. Crowley, MD
Angelo Savino, MD
Anthony Savino, MD
Anuj S. Puppala, MD
Ari Kaz, MD
Ashraf H. Darwish, MD
Ashraf Hasan, MD
Bradley Dworsky, MD
Brian Clay, MD
Brian J. Burgess, DPM
Brian R. McCall, MD
Brian Schwartz, MD
Brian Weatherford, MD
Brooke Vanderby, MD
Bruce Summerville, MD
Bryan Waxman, MD
Bryant S. Ho, MD
Carey E. Ellis, MD
Carla Gamez, DPM
Cary R. Templin, MD
Charles L. Lettvin, MD
Charles M. Lieder, DO
Chinyoung Park, MD
Christ Pavlatos, MD
Christian Skjong, MD
Christopher C. Mahr, MD
Craig Cummins, MD
Craig Phillips, MD
Craig S. Williams, MD
Craig Westin, MD
Daniel M. Dean, MD
David Beigler, MD
David Guelich, MD
David H. Garelick, MD
David Hamming, MD
David Hoffman, MD
David M. Anderson, MD
David Norbeck, MD
David Raab, MD
David Schneider, DO
Djuro Petkovic, MD
Douglas Diekevers, DPM
Douglas Solway, DPM
E. Quinn Regan, MD
Eddie Jones Jr., MD
Edward J. Logue, MD
Elliot A. Nacke, MD
Ellis K. Nam, MD
Eric Chehab, MD
Eric L. Lee, MD
Evan A. Dougherty, MD
Garo Emerzian, DPM
Gary Shapiro, MD
Giridhar Burra, MD
Gregory Brebach, MD
Gregory J. Fahrenbach, MD
Gregory Portland, MD
Harpreet S. Basran, MD
Inbar Kirson, MD, FACOG, Diplomate ABOM
Jacob M. Babu, MD, MHA
Jalaal Shah, DO
James M. Hill, MD
James R. Bresch, MD
Jason G. Hurbanek, MD
Jason Ghodasra, MD
Jason J. Shrouder-Henry, MD
Jeffrey Ackerman, MD
Jeffrey Goldstein, MD
Jeffrey Staron, MD
Jeffrey Visotsky, MD
Jeremy Oryhon, MD
John H. Lyon, MD
Jonathan Erulkar, MD
Jordan L. Goldstein, MD
Josephine H. Mo, MD
Juan Santiago-Palma, MD
Justin Gent, MD
Justin M. LaReau, MD
Kellie Gates, MD
Kermit Muhammad, MD
Kevin Chen, MD
Kris Alden MD, PhD
Leah R. Urbanosky, MD
Leigh-Anne Tu, MD
Leon Benson, MD
Lori Siegel, MD
Lynn Gettleman Chehab, MD, MPH, Diplomate ABOM
Marc Angerame, MD
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Mehul H. Garala, MD
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Nikhil K. Chokshi, MD
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Peter Hoepfner, MD
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Rhutav Parikh, MD
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Home Collegiate Athletic Training Internships

Collegiate Athletic Training Internships

Internship opportunities are available through Illinois Bone and Joint whether you are fulfilling academic requirements or gaining work experience. Qualified candidates must have or be working towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Athletic Training.  Additionally, we prefer that you have successfully completed the following prerequisites: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Orthopedic Assessment, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Therapeutic Modalities, and be certified in Adult CPR.

Under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist, students will be directly involved with evaluations, treatment, rehabilitation, and event coverage depending on the season.  There may be opportunities for surgical observation with an IBJI physician as well as shadows with AT’s in non-traditional athletic training settings at IBJI such as physician extenders.

Part-time and full-time internship opportunities are available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Student interns should be committed to an athletic training profession and be willing and eager to participate in all aspects of program development. The position requires availability for evening hours and possible weekends.   This is an unpaid internship but interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between IBJI and the intern’s college or university.

Application forms below:


Applicants should print and complete the application and submit the completed internship application, cover letter and resume to the address below either by mail or e-mail.

Faith Koffron, ATC
2401 Ravine Way,
Glenview IL, 60025

Deadlines for Applications

Fall ’21 – July 12
Winter ’21/’22 – September 27
Spring ’22 – December 6
Summer ’22 – March 7

Student Experiences

I had the rare opportunity to intern for IBJI this past summer and received even more experience and confidence than I had ever hoped for.  I was exposed to almost all aspects of athletic training from first aid/emergency care, to clinic rehabilitation and documentation, to injury evaluations.  I was lucky enough to have had the chance to observe a couple surgeries with IBJI doctors as well as help cover sporting events such as Chicago Bandits games and a Chicago Red Stars scrimmage.  The highlight of my internship was being able to play catch with a MLB player as part of his overhand throwing rehabilitation. I had such a positive experience with IBJI’s athletic training internship program that I knew I wanted to apply for a permanent position once I graduated.  I am now working in IBJI’s Glenview clinic as a full time ATC.  Needless to say, I am beyond lucky to have interned for such a wonderful company with such knowledgable staff members.

-Faith Koffron, ATC, Class of 2019 Lindenwood University

I was really fortunate to do my final undergraduate internship for IBJI at Highland Park in the Spring of 2018. My internship experience was more than I could ever ask for as a student prepared to graduate. The unique setting, learning environment, staff, and freedom to be hands on really developed my professional skills as an Athletic Trainer. Being exposed to these learning experiences really opened my eyes to vast opportunities and different roles that and Athletic Trainer can take on in the world of sports medicine. I highly recommend this internship cite for anyone who wants to develop their approaches to rehab and critical thinking.

-Gregory Liwanag, ATC, Class of 2018 Northern Illinois University

I had the great opportunity to complete an internship at IBJI in Glenview.  It was an amazing experience.  I got to work hands on with the patients and create my own rehabilitation plans.  I thought that I was going to do a lot of observing but I really got to dive in and get my hands dirty.  During my time working at IBJI I also had the chance to work at the Glencoe Grand Prix.  I had never worked at a bike race and this event coverage was thrilling and a great learning opportunity.  On top of all of that I had phenomenal mentors while working there.  The staff provided me with the perfect amount of support and freedom for me to be successful.  My internship at IBJI made me feel even more confident and comfortable with my skills as an athletic trainer and I highly recommend that anyone interested in the sports medicine field look into what IBJI has to offer.  

-Kira Heckathorne, Class of 2015 Northern Illinois University

This summer I had the opportunity to work at IBJI. IBJI provides comprehensive care offered all in one place: because of this, I was able to grow and experience a vast majority of the sports medicine world… this gave me field experience and more importantly confidence to continue my education as an athletic training student. I am beyond thankful for the experience I  have gained at IBJI because I will continue to use the information I have attained throughout my profession as an athletic trainer. 

-Devin Clemmens, Class of 2015 Eastern Illinois University

I could not have asked for a better experience that would not only better myself professionally, but also as a person. The location is so unique because it consists of a variety of different health care professionals in one place to ensure high quality care of each patient. Each and every staff member was willing and nice enough to make me a part of IBJI from the physical therapists, to personal trainers, to the front desk. I learned more than I expected and would recommend an internship at IBJI to anyone. My rehabilitation, documentation, communication, evaluation, and even business skills have all been sharpened thanks to IBJI. My experience there has exceeded my expectations and I cannot be thankful enough. 

-Phil Duplessy, Class of 2015

Over the summer, I was very fortunate to intern for the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute in Highland park. The staff there does an amazing job exposing their interns to as much as possible!  The facility in Highland park helped me grow in my rehab skills and apply the knowledge I learned in class. Also, I was able to observe surgeries and learn different types of manual therapy. I was beyond satisfied with my summer internship at Illinois Bone and Joint Institute and I cannot thank the staff enough.

– Nick Escondo, Class of 2016