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Bannockburn MRI

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Bannockburn MRI

At IBJI in Bannockburn, we offer the highest-field strength open MRI. The first of its kind in the Chicago area, Hitachi’s Oasis 1.2 Tesla high-field open MRI system provides the highest-quality resolution that an open MRI system can provide. With its open architecture features, advanced magnet design, Zenith RF Technology and strong clinical capabilities, it truly sets the standard for patient-centric care and diagnostic performance. The entire MRI procedure at our facility in Bannockburn normally takes less than an hour to complete. Along with MRI scans, our Bannockburn team also performs Arthrogram procedures for joint pathologies.

Bannockburn MRI
2101 Waukegan Road
Bannockburn, IL 60015

Main: (847) 945-3340  |  Fax: (847) 945-3370

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Main: (847) 945-3340

Fax:  (847) 945-3370

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Bannockburn MRI
2101 Waukegan Road
Bannockburn, IL 60015

Main: (847) 945-3340

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Arthograms are performed every Thursday morning.