Glenview Extremity CT

Glenview Extremity CT
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Our Services

IBJI offers a low-dose extremity CT scanner at our IBJI Glenview MRI facility: an innovative, caring way that we can provide patients with a comfortable, high-quality imaging experience that’s quick and convenient.

The extremity CT system offers:

  • High-resolution, high-quality images
  • Lower extremities scans (toe to knee)
  • Upper extremities scans (fingers to elbow)
  • Ultra-fast scan times
  • Significantly lower radiation dose (at least five to seven times less than the conventional CT scanner)
  • Weight-bearing scans of the foot, ankle, and knee
  • Cone beam CT technology

MRI Equipment

  • GE Signa 1.5T
  • 1.5T High-field MRI
  • Planmed Extremity CT

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